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  1. Havnt seen many people talk about this movie on these forums, Are you guys not excited for this new seth rogan film? Its been getting amazing reviews from the screenings over the past 2 months.. some people say its better than superbad and pinnaple express. Im stoked for this film
    Heres a trailer..


  2. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. man i havnt seen it but the reviews i have read made me more excited to see it
  4. haven't heard anything about it until now but i'm deff going to go see it. lol
    Yeah i cant wait for release next month!
  6. Won't be making an effort to catch this on opening day, but will likely watch it when it hits DVD.
    Films where actors play themselves rarely work well, unless it's a small cameo... and that doesn't seem to be the gist of this film at all.
    Well, for me anyway. :confused_2:
  7. you gonna miss out..Im definatly going opening day stoned out of my mind
  8. I'm excited for it :D My hopes aren't very high though, but I love all of there movies! :smoke:
  9. I like the cast, but from what I've seen in the commercials, doesn't look that funny. I may go see it still if a bunch of friends are wanting to see it, but I'll probably wait 'til it hits video until I check it out.
  10. It's going to be great the reviewers say that the best parts aren't even in the commercials. I will be blazed and ready for this movie.
  11. Looks pretty good to me. There are no other comedies this summer that even look watchable.
  12. Im like Stupid excited for this movie! i LOVE this group of actors, Seth Rogen, Danny Mcbride, Jonah Hill,  James Franco,  so many more and directed by Judd Apatow. I CAN'T WAIT
  13. good cast of actors... i think it'll be a refreshing watch seeing them go by their names
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Adored Pineapple Express when it came out, and watched it for many months religiously when I first started getting stoned haha. I'm a big fan of Seth's awkward, nice-guy character in his comedy flicks, and I love Jonah Hill movies as well. Should be good. Might get myself nice and toasty when it comes to cinemas to go and see it :metal:
  15. the fact it has all this hilarious actors in it is the only reason i plan on seeing it because honestly based on the trailer i think it looks kinda dumb
  16. It's great the funniest parts aren't even in the trailers. And there are a bunch of cameos they didn't ruin.
  17. so is it as good as pineapple express?
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    Is it a good sign I wish I could watch it again? I left feeling the same about it as I did Pineapple Express. "I wish there was more" "I wish I could watch it again."
    I don't want to spoil anything, the less you know the better. Everybody has great moments in it and the whole theater was laughing. If you like Seth Rogen films you will probably like it. If you don't like this movie it's not for you simply put.
  19. seth rogan is the funniest guy in the industry to me
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    You will love it then. Only thing that would prevent somebody from not liking this would be if they hated the main cast members or the type of humor in Judd Apatow/Seth Rogen movies.
    When people start seeing it say your favorite character. Mine would have to be Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, or Micheal Cera.

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