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This is the end... my only friend

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, May 20, 2003.

  1. Ah, well, the bag has ended once again. It was excellent weed and I will miss it dearly. I've been high for the past week and am just geting back in touch with reality. I'm gonna quit for a couple weeks, both to lower my tolerence again and to scrape some money together for my brithday party weed. Happy tokings, people. Happy tokings.
  2. This always sucks!! I'm there with you doing the same thing. I've got about 2 weeks until I light up again. I might trip this weekend. My contact told me he has access to it! :) It's been almost 2 years since I took acid and am looking forward to it.
  3. i'm close to the end of my bad too... :( hook it up wit the acid.. :)
  4. I feel your sadness. but you know, nothing gets you over the last bag like the new one ;)
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm getting a $100 bag this thursday as an early birthday present! My friend who grows his own just harvested like 3 of his plants! He's drying it today. Man, i do need to lower my tolerence, but I say smoke it when you got it, so oh well.
    P.S. Just made a gravity bong, can't wait to try it out.
  6. an old friend i just talked to today says he can get a half oz of dank for 130, so im thinkin about getting it for my bday along with some lsd and mdma.. ill have fun :) you should too.

  7. damnit dont u hate it when the sack comes to an end???
  8. smokin tokin your damn right i ran out like a day or 2 it was sum good shit too :(
  9. hehe, end for me too for a few days
    i came home today and looked in the little box in my dresser....... my dugout, a lighter, a 1/4, and my glass piece were in there earlier. the dugout and bag were missing.

    my dad said my mom overheard a conversation on the phone between me and my friend about hookin him up with a dimer. they took the weed because they didnt want me sellin it

    this sucks
  10. it ends, then begins
    its a cycle

    and I love it :)
  11. Closed out my last bag on Sunday. Waiting til Monday to get a new oz.
  12. God do I miss the feel and essence of holding a nice fat sticky bud in your palm. I unfortunately havent been high or even seen weed in 4 months due to the legal problems and the big move. I feel for you man but remember there's always times when we go dry. I thought i'd never go dry and i'd always stay high, I guess god decided I needed a break. Im happy about the break in a way because I never thought or had the willpower to quit smoking for even more than a day or two at the most. Anyways im just drunk and its about 1 in the morning and I had wonderful sex a couple hours ago so im fucking wasted, hope you have better luck than I do scorin some more weed. And dont take it for granted like most of us do. People dont realize how much they love something until its gone.
  13. "hey telluride, when you say lower tolerence you do mean to like let your body foget about it in a way and then just get ripped after your tolerence is lower....hmm i unno i think know what you mean........."

    Yeah, that's what i mean.

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