this is only funny in hindsight. (few pics!)

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  1. I had such a crazy week you guys.
    It starts out last Thursday, I get my license taken away (long story, nothing really my fault though) so that blows. I don't have enough money to get it back so I decide to just go without. Saturday rolls around and it's so nice out, i'm in a bathing suit with a zip-up for my smoke session. my bowl was in my pocket or my bikini top, and it somehow fell out onto my stone steps and smashed everywhere. i'm so upset. i've had it for a year and it's been my favorite. always good to me, yknow? whatever, i don't hesitate to whip up a new bowl
    the damn thing gets me crunked. i walk around the yard and woods and entire house *stoned* before i realize i've lost my phone somewhere
    at this point i am very upset. i don't let it get to me, and instead i end up skipping work a whole lot and so i've chilled pretty hard this past week. that plum bowl hit so smooth and tasted so good.
    i ended up playing lots of video games
    ahah the fuuck
    Picture 539.jpg
    my friend drew this. it's supposed to be me
    Picture 073.jpg
    and this guy is just awesome
  2. best story ever. no seriously. ive had that same type of stuff happen to me...minus the bikini top part, thats not my style ;)

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