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Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Earlier this year I went to the hospital to get my live checked out because it was releasing waaaaay too many something.. I forget what.. haha, but it was it high risk of having hepatitis, eek. Well.. turns out nothing was wrong with my liver.. (huh? *shurgs*) but it did turn out that I only have one kidney. I was told a few things to probably stay away from, carbanation and shit, alcohol, stuff hard to filter. Some warning signs he told me to watch out for was unusual stuff, bloody piss and blah blah, stuff thats not normal basically. Well for about a week straight now my back has been killing me, and that was one of the sign of a kidney infection. I'm one of those people who takes shit real personal and seriously, and this is scaring the shit out me. I just really hope I come out ok.
  2. Wow, sorry dude. I wonder how they missed seeing that you only have one kidney after all these years. No alcohol, that sucks. I prescribe medicinal MJ
  3. They just assumed I had two.. as did I. They had to do a manogram and they noticed I only had one, it was kind of like "... huh... one kidney eh?... huh" Yea.. my back is killing me though, this reaaaaly sucks.
  4. *karma* and bacon for you


    you can eat bacon right?
  5. bacon is so damn good... mmmm.. bacon...


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