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this is not a joke... weeed dosent kill brain cells

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by spare tire, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. ok my freiens rents sent him to a shrink kind of thing like the best money could buy(there one of thepse famlies) well ne ways he was talkin to her bout different drugs and stuff and she said that weed dosent kill brain cells it just makes the receptors go back in to the brain so like when they search the brain for that kind of stuuf thats why it shows up as havin less brain cells or something along the lines of that. but the info sayin that weed kills brain cells was made up by the government to scare kids.

    ne one else heard of this?
  2. There is a lot of misinformation out there my friend.As you get older you will see the goverments of our counrties tell us what they want us to hear ,not the truth.
  3. i dunno if i can belive that weed dosent kill brain cells. From what i learned in school just going for a jog kills brain cells, brain cells consintly are dying. Im sure weed kills brain cells, i dont think they kill enough that its going to make you stupid or retarded. I mean i been smoking for a long time and i dont consider myself stupid, most people around me would proally agree that im pretty smart (hopefully)......but i dunno im no medical expert, thats just my thoughts. If it really is true that weed dosent kill any braincells then thats awesome, but personally i belive it has to kill at least one or two.
  4. well ya u lose brain cells... most likely from holding in hits. oxygen deprivation leads to dead brain cells.
    shaking ur head around kills brain cells too... the point is the "fact" that marijuana kills brain cells was just propaganda from the govt
  5. Brain cells replace themselves on a regular basis.
  6. the government messes everything up, if you do some research all mj can do to you is get you high and help those with diabeties
  7. whoa, wait a sec, so does weed also prevent diabetes? and how does it help it? i dont have it but its in my family so i have a chance of getting it any info would be great pm me or reply here :p

  8. No they don't. Not at all. This is completely wrong.
    Also, I'd like to say that I doubt that weed doesn't kill brain cells, I'm sure it doe. I don't think it kills a lot of brian cells, but are they dying faster while your high then while you're sober? Probably.

  9. not realy wile your high....more like wile you are smoking...
  10. Brain cells are constantly dieing and replacing themselves FACT.
  11. If you know better than me I'll defer, but I've heard many many times that brain cells don't replenish themselves, you have the same set of brain cells for your entire life. I'm 90% postive on this and I've heard it from a lot of dependable sources.

  12. yup...:D
  13. well well, whadya know. what a suprise. now that reclassification is coming closer, all the prohibitionists are out in force. another BULLSHIT report has just recently been released showing how cannabis destroys braincells. :rolleyes:

    open letter to any prohibitionists reading this:


    ps, sorry for that outburst.
    you know how it gets sometimes. gurrr.
  14. *Grrs right along with Digit.*
  15. It is also known to make your fevers go away!!!
  16. sorry to burst ur buble bud but ive asked my father "hes a doctor" abotu this that brain cells repoduce or w/e u wanna say the process is but it doesnt that is why it brought up that killing brain cells hurts sum1 like saying weed lowers sperm count ... yes sperm replaces itself but the count does not ....but i kid u not they DONOT reproduce

  17. sorry bro ..i dont believe in doctors...there whole religin seams flawed to me...

  18. ditto.

    scientists i'll accept far sooner than a "Doctor". Most Drs only get info from the general consensus, and often they are mearly the pawns of the pharamcuetical industry.

    braincells don't reproduce? riiiight. sure. thats why i've now seen several accounts of lab tests that show otherwise.

    what kind of Dr is yer pappa kr4zy?

  19. cus i would have to say unless hes a brain sugen or at least someone who studys that shit he would have no more knowlage than anyt other common man has accessto

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