This is my review of Tom's Tumble Trimmer, how do you trim?

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  1. Hello All!

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. I thought for my first post I'd post a review of a tumbler i just bought.

    I've only been growing for a little over a year now, but i've had about 9 harvests now and am improving with each one. I love going into a community and hearing about everybody's experiences. I'm here to learn as much as I am to share, so please, I would love to hear how you guys trim and if you have any better alternatives.

    Here's my experience with Tom's Tumble Trimmer. I've got pictures in the link above!

    After hand trimming my first crop, I knew that I couldn’t do that ever again. I immediately began looking for alternatives.

    I needed somehting that wouldn’t ruin the trim for making concentrates, something that would save me time, and most importantly, I needed something that would clean my final product without destroying it.

    I tried out a few of those expensive electric trimmers and I wasn’t happy with the end result. A friend suggested Tom’s tumbler and so I looked into it.

    I was extremely skeptical at first, especially after watching the youtube video of it in action.

    It’s basically a bingo machine rigged with a mesh net, all being held up by some pvc pipe.

    It looks cheap and unreliable, and it definitely didn’t look like it would do a good job of cleaning my meds. However, per my friend’s constant annoyance of how well it actually worked, I gave in and purchased one.

    It cost somewhere around $500 bucks total, which is not cheap by any means, but it’s way less expensive than any other alternative I came across.

    So I gave it a shot.

    It arrived on time and undamaged. I opened up the box, assembled it, and it was remarkably unremarkable.

    It looked just like it did in the videos, a big mesh bingo machine held up by pvc.

    But, I decided to give it a shot any way. (I’ll be posting an imgur link with before and after pics of my most recent crop)

    I guess I should begin by describing my drying/trimming/curing process before I delve into the specifics of the tumbler.

    I cut my plants, branch by branch, and let them hang in a room of roughly 55% RH until dry. I leave all fan leaves and sugar leaves on at this point.

    After my crop has dried I deleaf and denug. By this I mean that I pluck off all of the fan leaves, these are the big ones that don’t get frosty, and I throw them away. Once the fan leaves are off, I cut off each individual nug on each branch.

    In comes the tumbler. At this point I take my untrimmed nugs and dump them in the tumbler, somewhere around a pound to a pound and ahalf at a time. I’ve find that the more you have in there, the better of a job it seems to do.

    From there you literally zip the tumbler closed, and turn it until you’re satisfied with the trim job, usually takes about 5-10 minutes per pound and half.

    I really was blown away at how well the tumbler did it’s job.

    The buds were not damaged at all and were nearly spotless. You do get the few stragglers of sugar leaves, but I think they looks pretty and I leave them on. However, if you’re really anal, you could pick through your entire batch in a fraction of the time it’d take you to hand trim everything.

    But again, I think the tumbler does a satisfactory job on its own. Excellent even.

    I also purchased the other net Tom has available which has smaller holes. I tumble my weed with the mesh with bigger holes, then I take the trim caught in my trim bag, and tumble that. The end result is a bunch of baby nugs that fell through the first mesh net. You can keep them in your trim and make super fire wax with them, or just mix them in with the rest of your weed.

    After using the tumbler on a few more crops I found there’s a happy medium in how dry the product is before you tumble it. I find the product comes out of the tumbler a little cleaner when I dry it longer than I usually do.

    But, after it’s tumbled, I throw my stuff in a jar with a boveda pack and It’s all gravy.

    My one gripe with the product is that the zippers on the mesh net sucked. The keef would get stuck in the zippers and make them get stuck and eventually fall off.

    HOWEVER, I called the number on the site and was surprised to be speaking to Tom himself. He was very apologetic about the inconvenience, acknowledged the faulty zippers, explained how he knew of the problem, fixed it, and was going to send me nets with the new heavy-duty zippers on them.

    Not only was I thoroughly impressed with the product, but I was even more pleased with how helpful and kind Tom was. He did everything to make sure I was satisfied with the product and my experience.

    If anybody has any questions I’m more than happy to answer them!

    Thanks guys

    Bobby BigLeaves
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  2. Nice. I am still in love with trimming as crazy as that sounds after all these years. This think does look like it would not hold up but hearing your side I may give it a whirl when I grow my next batch. Thanks.

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  3. Trimming weed is like barbecuing to us. Grab a 30 pack, speakers and some swishers and have a hell of a time.

    I did hate how my hands ache after. Reminds me of when i was in class with this stupid teacher that would give us 2 sexonds to write down like 10 mins of notes
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  4. Nice my friend's use this one to trim their crops. Able to go through 30-40 lbs in an afternoon. We just trim all the fan leaves off and clip the buds then let the tumbler do the heavy lifting.
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  5. I use a trimmer as well. It's a centurionpro, the one bobby big leaves bought is shit and i feel bad you wasted your money. I was the same way, i haaaated trimming especially big amounts. I have a centurionpro and mine was awesome when it arrived. looks cool but most importantly does a killer job. it trims 60lbs per hour and trims super close. it even has a bag that traps all the keif so ic an make oil. i love my trimming and it just makes everything so easy and i clean it by just spraying it down, works like a charm even 3 years later. i love it
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  6. rick the centurion is a brute force trimmer that while knocking out your claimed 60lbs an hour also rips up bud and DEF takes kief off the finished product... AND the oil made from the bag clippings in these usually comes out dark as helll from all the clorophyll mashed in from the spinning blades. This guy was talking about a gentler approach, and a much nicer to the buds approach if your not gunna hand trim.
    Dont get me wrong, the centurion has its place, Those machines are a godsend in commercial warehouse and mass outdoor harvests where the trimming would take days
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  7. I have used a few other machines that have destroyed the buds thats for sure, mine specifically has a non stick coating on the tumbler so it doesn't effect the flowers that much im really happy with it. I have used a twister machine before and it did exactly what you're talking about.
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