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this is my monday.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skater420man, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. whats up GC :wave: i just thought i would share this because i have not really anything else to do. no work no school so its my day off pretty much. but i recently moved from Kentucky to Las Vegas to finish high school. im 18 yes lol.

    but im going to smoke with one of my friends who got me started smoking. :p
    he just asked me one time in the 6th grade if i wanted to smoke with him and of course i was like i dont know man i might get caught i was sacred. but i just did it any way haha :) and we smoked like 3 bowls and i got pretty high and i just see him go to this window and he looks over and smiles. i was like ????? what and walked over and i was just like WOW i see like 7 to 10 weed plants and i was like damn and for some reason i never stopped and things got bad but i wont go in to that. lol

    but what i was going to talk about was this monday i have not seen him in years and the only time i did was about a week or two ago when i tried hash with him :) but we plan on buying an eighth of some dank but we are planning on smoking in the day and at night. i was planning on getting some blunt wraps?? but i just want to conserve and get as high as i can as many times as i can with him. and we just plan on going to this park and chill im also meeting this girl i used to talk to but nothing ever happened and i think she is still interested but im not sure. but do you all think the blunt wraps are a good idea or just use his like 4 inch bong hahaha :D

    yes leave you negative comments if you would like, ill read them its funny :smoking:
  2. Sounds like a good day, id get a bowl if i were you because there pretty portable. Ditch the blunt wraps.
  3. maybe get one wrap, and have one blunt at a special time. use a bong or a bowlnas your main piece, it will help conserve. how much are you guys getting? maybe use the blunt as a start out piece or a closer. but that's just what i would do.

    have fun with your buddy bro, it's always good to re-unite and smoke it up.:D
  4. hahaha ok thanks guys keep smoking

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