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  1. This is my love story, how i remember it. The reason this matters so much to me is because i've always been a stickler when it comes to girls (yeah, i know i'm exactly pick of the litter myself...) Every girl i've met has always felt too stupid or too whorish to even approach in a "relationship" sort of way. this time was different.
    it was probably a lot more awkward than i'm writing... oh well
    I met her at "work", for some reason i was working at a general store... i was at home for winter break trying to save up some money for when i went back to school
    she came in, and i saw her wandering down isles apparently looking for something in particular. she was so beautiful, i was reluctant to approach her. but when i did it wenasn';t as i expected it would be. our conversation went something like this:
    "umm... hey.. looking for anything particular?"
    she turned to me, seemking to snap out of a daze. "what? sorry i wasn't listening"
    "oh, um, i was wondering i could help you find what you were looking for."
    i remember her having trouble wording this next part, something like.
    "yeah, im looking for this sled... like i used to have. and i loved it because it just felt like.. it was gliding, or like it was hovering over the snow." then she made this sheepish smile that i'll always remember her for. it was childishly cute, she had the cutest dimples, thes stunning autumn-colored eyes to match her hair. i've personally been more of a fan of green eyes, but these felt like they had sooul to them. i was taken by them.
    I said something like this:
    "well i'm sure there are a ton of sleds out there that make you fell.. um.. that way" she laughed at the way i could barely formulate a sentence either.
    I added "yeah... lol" but i actually said 'LAWL', and yes, i did regret it...) "Do you remember any of the name of the sled you liked?"
    she frowned the cutest frown. Fuck she was cute. "No... I just remember it had like this nose to it, it was like pointed... and the back of it split in two sort of... sort of like a ribbon!" She seemed excited by remembering the=is fact for no apparent reason.
    oh my god. i had this sled. i was sure of it!
    "was it called... umm...fuck i k ow this!" we laughed. "Dude was it called the tomahawk?"
    She did seem to ahve any recognition associated with the name, and it felt as if my hopes and dreams had been shattered.
    "umm... all i know is... what i told you." her beauty matched with this silly/awkward situation made me smile so hard it had started to hurt.
    "well, unfortunately all we carry are these crappy little... i think they called them "luges"... in front of the store. i definitely wouldn't use one."
    She frowned again. FUCK she was cute
    "I'm sorry i couldnt help," i added.
    "no, it's ok, i just like... wanted to sled before the snow was gone. i dont really have anything to use."
    "i'm sorry... can i help you with anything else?"
    "no i'm fine" she gave me a fake smile and i felt defeated.
    she turned and started walking away. A few seconds, then i called out:
    i remember jogging over to her, even though it was only like 15 feet.
    "you have the prettiest smile and i want it to happen more often. i get off work at 2, and i want to go sledding with you.""..."
    "I'm positive that i have the sled you like..." i added. feeling my face redden. (oh god, i seriously just said that.)

    Five seconds felt like a lifetime. then:
    "Um... sure... i mean why not? here let me give you my number..."
    yeah HHHOOOLLLYYY SSHHIITT. Sledding with the ridiculously cute chick. you wouldn't have seen a broader smile happening in the wor,ld for at least another 20 minutes
    she gave me her number, and i punched it into my phone. then she texted me her address: i surprisingly recognized the street to be pretty close to my house.
    Then something like: "well i should get back to work, i'll call you later?"
    And as she walked out of the store, i did a little dance.

    The second i got home from work, i mapquested her address, and then i drove over to my parents' house to look for 'the tomahawk'.
    at my parents' old house we had a garage that we always left open, which is hwere we kept the sleds. after a b it of falling through the snow banks, i reached the garage. it took some heavy lifting, but i found 'the tomahawk' an old rusty sled that didn't work too well. and my old snowboard under a crap load of wood my dad kept in the garage for no reason. i threw the sleds into my car and headed off.

    Skip forward to the old hill behind the school where i used to sled when i was young.
    the sun was setting and the sky was the most beautiful red fading to orange, fading to dark blue/purple, fading to black. the moon was a perfect crescent, oriented perfectly over the small suburb of chicago where i used to live.
    i looked to my right and there she was. looking right back at me. we had been sledding anf flirting for and hour and a half and we were pooped.
    i put my hand out and she took it, smiling.
    we sat on those sleds, for probably around a half an hour, just talking as we watched the light fade from the sky. and by the way, the sled she remembered WAS the tomahawk (YESS!)

    Soon, when the light was almost gone, and it was getting too cold, i said:"so... do you want to go back to my place to watch a movie and make some hot chocolate?"
    "sure" she said without skipping a beat, smiling.
    i drove us back to my one bedroom one bathroom, one living room one kitchen apartment complex, almost getting stuck inn the snow twice on the way there...
    we stumbled in the door, freezing, and i heated up some soup for us, then we sat down on the couch.
    I remember the argument we had over which movie to rent from on demand service. there wasn't a lot of good movies to pick from, and it was between 500 days of summer, which i hadn't seen (her pick), and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which she hadn't seen (my pick)
    "but eternal sunshine is amazing! besides, im not really in the mood for a chick flick"
    "it's NOT a chick flick! and it's the cutest movie ever!" she actually looked slightly angry. and her angry face was cuter than ever.
    How could i argue with that?

    Actually, the movie was really good, but we barely made it past the title screen.
    we're sitting on the couch, holding hands, and around the time in the movie where they first kissed... well at this part in the movie, the main character and his girl are in the copy room and she just randomly walks up to him and they start making out. so i turn to face my girl, and she turns to face me, but i notice that the scene in the movie is practically over so i face the movie again. then she faces the movie again. the i face her again and she faces me again, and i just plant one on her, then i back off. awkwardly aware of how dumb that was.
    but she laughs, and i laugh. and she jumps on me and we start making out, and its amazing. i say "hold on let me pause the movie," and she laughs and says "I told you it was good," and before i can argue back her lips are on mine again.
    Clothes come off, and i drag her into my room. let me tell you, the sex was amazing, at least as amazing as i can imagine it to be. i dont have a lot of experience (duh) since ive only been with, we'll no one. but it was obvious that she was far better than i could imagine.
    we di this position that i've always liked where the girl will sit on your lap and wrap her legs around your, so your faces are right next to each other. the intimacy of it, us kissing and being on together... i don't think there;s any comparison to that.

    it's around midnight.
    we cuddle and kiss for a while, untill exhausted. i fall to sleep in complete bliss.

    i awoke for just a second or two with her on my chest, tickling my bearded chin with her fingers. i looked down at her, and she hid her face from me, looming ashamed that she'd woken me up. this was so cute i almost cried.
    she looked back up at me. "sorry i woke you up, it's just the noise from outside... it woke me up. this was so cute i almost cried.
    she looked up ate me. "sorry i woke you, it's just the noise from outside... it woke me up." upon listening, i noticed that someone outside must have been shoveling their car out, and making quite a racket doing so. it was almost 5:30 in the morning.
    we laid together, cuddling, kissing, and listening to the plastic against pavement for what seemed to be eternity. it was the happiest eternity of my life. sooner rather than later though, i fell back asleep.

    I woe up what seemed like three hours later. then it hit me
    It was all a dream. all a silly, made up dream. an epic multipart nightmare/indie-romantic-comedy love story that my brain devised to torure me. none of it was real.
    i never even knew her name.. well of course i didn't.
    she wasn't REAL.
    This was the dream i had the last few nights. the best and worst dream of my life…

    feels bad man :(
  2. Ive had dreams like those. Well I thought i was a dream, I was just blacked out. Just kidding man. You'll find that girl.
  3. Dude that was great.

  4. Hahah damn son! The worst dreams i have is when i dream there is money and lots of it in my pants pocket then i go to check when i wake up and...nothing :mad:
  5. That's amazing...and that sucks at the same time. I've had a dream pretty similar to that before. I hooked up with this girl I'd been keen on and I woke up the next morning pissed off.

    Still, epic dream. Hope you find her someday!
  6. They say that all the faces we see in dreams are faces we've seen somewhere in life, that our dreams can't create imaginary people.

    I hope so. :)
    Maybe I could find her.
  7. I've had dreams like that, it's fuckin tough
    I've also had dreams like that during really rough periods of life, to which I literally stay in bed dozing for half the day, because the dream is do much better than real life
    it's tough, really shitty, and can ruin a couple days for me
  8. [quote name='"waysouth"'][/quote]

    Got damn... :(
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    fuck i skipped to the end to see if this was legit or not and i fucking ruined it

    ive have dreams like that a lot though, not usually as long though.. that feeling is just amazing. i dont think ive ever really felt it like that in real life :(
  10. Way too long to read! Let me guess? You dreamed about about your perfect girl :rolleyes:

  11. TL;DR wassurpoint?
  12. Smoke weed in your dream with her before you start sledding
  13. You watched a movie you've never seen before in your dream x)?
  14. I saw her today... on the metra. Rode right past her. :(
  15. fuck.

    Goddam scroll bar on my mouse. Ruined a feel good story :(
  16. great read

    really got into it, and could almost feel the emotions you tried to convey as i read it, especially at the end.

    definitely been there before and had similar dreams where i wake up, alone, feeling heart broken that it hadn't actually happened, but felt so real i could have sworn it did
  17. dang thats hard man. great story though....

    its happened to me before too
  18. This reminds me of something that happened to me in real life-

    My friends and i wanted to try tripping, so we had gotten ahold of some stuff from a dude i knew, but things didn't really work out that night and it ended up not happening and we planned on just buying it the next day, but not doing it, because i had school the next day and i didn't want to be exhausted from a night/day of tripping while at school.

    So we ended up buying it, but my buddies were all excited about trying it and decided to just take it anyway, leaving me with mine, which was lame but i was like whatever.

    So the weekend after school was out on friday i was the only one left with my hit, my friends i guess were busy and not answering my calls, plus i was still kind of pissed at them for taking their's and not waiting for me. and calling me a pussy? wtf. Anyway

    So the following morning - It was around 11:00 on that next saturday and i still hadn't taken it, so i finally just said what the hell. (both my parents were home, and i have strict/nosey parents) I guess i was just excited for the experience.

    I hangout in my room most of the time if nothings going on, so i was watching the start of the forty year old virgin. I didn't feel anything for like the first (what felt like 15 mins) but then all the of the sudden i started smelling my blanket and it smelled so good, and my bed was so soft. and i just started laughing and even that felt good. So i kept watching the 40 year old virgin while smelling my blanket from time to time. and i started to get really uncomfortable, so i stood up and looked in the mirror for a long ass time. and my mom came all the sudden and asked me what was wrong! I guess i looked crazy so she started crying and told my dad, and he was flipping and so was my sister (older sister) so i just walked out the door and went on a walk. (at this point i was peaking)

    I ended up near a bridge where all these girls were jumping into the river below, i felt like i couldn't talk because my jaw muscle was stuck ( that's what it felt like) and i was still keeping myself from smiling. But as i walked past the group of girls i noticed one blonde that was wearing a black bikini and she was laughing at the people jumping off, i felt crazy so i didn't stop and say hi, but we caught eyes and she smiled at me. I never saw her again, but it was such a surreal moment for me, and i have that memory of her, she was so beautiful to me at that moment.

    So yupp, to finish up my story, it ended up being a good experience, and i've had other trips since then. But i'm in college now and sometimes i get the feeling like things are so real. Like i'm me and everyone's themselves and can't be anyone else. and we all live on this earth but there's an infinite universe.

    I think my eyes are messed up from it too, when i look at people, i can notice that purple stuff (like from when you look at a light too long), like all around their bodies.

    Yeah. I feel fucked up.
  19. Haha I'm glad you had a great time with Molly.

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