This is my dog!

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Aug 30, 2001.

  1. I don't know if this is going to work but I thought I would try.

    If this works...This is my dog Chance.

    If this doesn't work...This is supposed to be a pic of my dog Chance.

    Here I go!
  2. That is my big huffalump that I talk about when I am too high. He is trying to pretend he doesn't want those Reeses cups but you know he wants 'em.

    Thanks for letting me use the space to post my mutt's pic because I am high and I love him. He is snoring on the floor next to me right now.
  3. And this is my cat. When I'm reading the newspaper he always sits on the article I want to read. When I'm using my scanner....

  4. Cuuuuuute dog, RMJL! He looks like he's waiting for you to turn your back so he can munch those Reeses down. Hey kees-LMAO at that interesting view of the kitty! Thanks for sharing those pics. I need to get me a scanner, man.
  5. Thanks guys! He provides way too much entertainment for me. Hell, just looking at him will make you laugh. Can you believe his mama was a white Lab and his daddy was a brindle Boxer?(Not a planned pregnancy!) Everyone thinks he is a Dalmation.

    The cat on the scanner is tooooooooooooo much. My cat would freak if I scanned her ass.

    That's cool...instead of skinning cats, you scan them. Hmmmm!
  6. dude do u share ur weed with ur dog?
  7. Yeah, but he gets paranoid and kills his buzz. The cat and the snakes dig getting high.

  8. That is soooooo funny...


    PS Your dog is really sweet Mary Jane...I could tell he was after those Reese's Cups...;)
  9. This is my dog - The Princess. For the record, this pic was shot at my parents' house. Only old people have that kind of carpet in their homes.

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  10. He rocks, dude! He's an awesome dog. I dedicated a fuck off to him and weedboss helped me swear at him the other night!!!!
  11. We have a cat in our smoke group that likes chewing on's soo funny, much more when your high though Peace WG

  12. i bet if you left the room for 5 seconds they would all be gone :p
  13. Whoa.. you like uh.. you scanned your cat..

  14. Well, that was 2 years ago, so they're long gone.

    He's stolen food from me before, though. I can't yell at him cause he looks so cute when he does it and if I do go ahead and yell, he'll go to the bedroom and put his head under my bed thinking that his whole big ass is under there (he used to hide under the bed when he was a baby and in trouble). He's spoiled.
  15. Dixie

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  16. Ok, all my friends call him crack dog. I mean, my mom named her ROSE BUD.....WTF!

    She always looks like she is going to get BEAT or somthing.

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  17. my dog smoking a little crack, she is trying to quit...its very sad...she just wont come to me anymore...

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  18. nobody likes my dog?
  19. Dog looks nice -- but he does seem to have a little more than i do right now so he sucks...he even has a nice pipe! DANG YOU DOG!

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