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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by crimsonecho, Jan 2, 2023.

  1. hey grasscity,

    crimsonecho here, just searching for smart conversation, buds more white than snow, funny questions and stupid answers for shits and giggles.

    i posted this on organics because i couldnt find an introduce yourself section.

    i grow organics too so it fits. i do no till in 4x20 gal pots in a 4x4 under 480w of lumatek attis and got 2 2x2s where i use a personal organic mix in small pots to do mostly test runs of all the offspring from my pollen chucks.

    anyway hi.

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  2. Welcome to GC @crimsonecho. You'll need to reduce your file size for your photos to upload. I only see links that lead to errors.
    Here's a link to the introduce yourself thread.
    Introduce Yourself

    Here's a link to the Organic section lounge. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you navigate the site if you need help.

    Organics Lounge
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  3. hey man, do you still get the same problem when you click the links?
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  4. Yes, all links go to the error page.
    Here's the error message.
    You do not have permission to view media within this album.
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  5. thank you for hanging in there with me brother haha

    i think its because i chose the wrong privacy setting for my album if it hasnt been solved now i will be so sad :)
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  6. They posted now and look great. Nice job. You can start a journal in the organic section if you want. Put a link in your signature so folks can follow your progress.
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  7. Welcome! Nice looking plants. In addition to what TimJ said, the No till revisited thread has some good info as well. There are also several vermicomposting/worm threads and a composting thread.
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  8. oh yes i am so glad it worked. anyway thanks for the welcome i suck at keeping journals i always forget to update haha

    oh yeah thats nice i also have my own worm bin and love ewc and keep it as simple as possible in my mix i basically just use 3 elements for the last 2 runs just homemade ewc bat guano and wheat bran and straight water from dehum and i am pretty happy with it.
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  9. You should fit in well here. Welcome!
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  10. Photos all straightened out I see.
    Welcome to the City.

    I brought samplers. :)

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  11. Welcome welcome

    Great looking plants:smoking:
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  12. just completed my first DinaFem Desfran grow, the child of Destroyer x Destroyer by Francisco
    will grow again this time allowing the sativa to reach its full potential, first was a seed run, that was nothing to write mom about

    welcome to GC
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  13. Nice plants ! 20 gallons wow. Sounds like huge pots. Makes me think I need to upgrade my own pots. As they are 5.7 ish gallons. And I try to grow organic.

    I gotta go read up again and educate myself more
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  14. thanks man, i hope so haha

    oh man those would fuck me up but enjoy your medicine :)

    not as good as i want them to look but i had a lot of shit in my personal life so the garden got a bit neglected in the last months. hoping for better in the future. thanks for the welcome.

    destroyer is my shit man, absolute favorite and it takes about 12-14 weeks for me and i always do partial harvest on this and let the lowers go another 2-3w so in total its almost 17w. it needs a lot of time but its just an amazing high cerebral and creative without any body effects. perfect for my taste.

    i dont know i never had great luck with small pots i mean with these i can go straight water from start to finish which is what i like. only sometimes i need to do a light feeding if i see them showing signs of deficiencies but it happens very rarely. i just dont like bottle feeding that much and i am not good at it hahaha
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  15. How long do your plants sit in there ?

    I forgot to welcome you

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  16. in 20 gal pots? well as i mentioned destroyers take quite a long while like 16-17 weeks to completely mature. in that time in the other 2 pots i run another run after harvesting the initial plants. i just sow 1-2 clones from my mother tent and let them grow under straight 12/12 and in about 16-17 weeks i get 4 harvests from 2 pots and 2 harvests from the other 2 without topdressing or anything else.

    then after harvesting all i just let the rootball decompose a little like a week or two so i dont disturb soil, topdress, transplant and go again.

    appreciate the welcome
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