This is how we live

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    Die once you live twice die twice you live once
    Get the shit confused so I'm puffin on the big blunts
    Kick it wit the kid that be deep in the zone
    It's the ghost, I got to go to sleep just to get home
    I'm spiritually outta this world
    Meet my lyrics on the darkside come back when the dutchie gets twirled
    I'm the alpha and omega of nice
    I'm the messenger sent by the force at the head of the light
    But satan's ridin my back in the dead of the night
    I be doin some crazy shit for some bread and some ice
    God I'm tryna focus with my third eye lens
    I smoke haze to see my brother when he blow that wind
    And I'm a grown man so I know my sins
    And *****z don't get the picture so the kodak bends
    The shit's over their head but under their nose
    Not a star cause I'm a sun when it come to a flow

    -Styles P "How we Live" Verse 2

  2. I definately wish he would not categorize myself in with his use of the word "we."

    I live far from that.
  3. he meant we as in people who can relate to his lyrics. cmon bro, its pretty easy to assume things but it takes intelligence to fall back and realy understand thats why in the song it clearly says

    "Nigaas dont get the picture so the kodak bends/ this shits over thier head but under thier nose/ not a star cause im a sun when it comes a flow"

    I do appreciate the feedback though. You should look up the songs.
  4. I enjoy how rappers often include repenting their sins in lyrics as well as either hustling or using crack.
  5. agreed. I don't really give a shit though I still like rap. Lol
  6. SP THE GHOST! dope song, jada on the hook makes it that much better
  7. "I'm the messenger sent by the force at the head of the light
    But satan's ridin my back in the dead of the night"

    messenger of who? god? so is he saying he is a prophet? what is his message?

  8. Really shouldnt try to read into it so much...if its not your thing then maybe you should stick to what is.

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