this is gonna sound fucked up, but I think it would be awesome if....

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  1. 95% percent of people on earth would just die from some disease reallly soon(as quickly and painlessly as possible, of course). It'd be awesome if I wasn't one of them and everything was just really open and vacant and wild again. plus alot of people in those third world countries are hungry because the population densities are too high for the land to support(india, chad, guatemala). I was reading a book about some guy who did exchange in guatemala, and he was having a hard time getting enough protein because there's not enough land to graze cattle on and people are going into the protected national parks to graze their cattle. desertification and overgrazing is taking place throughout the sahel(chad is in this region) I don't think I need to explain india. They have a population density of about 1000 people per square mile.
    plus it'd be awesome to just settle whereever you want and build a home. there'd be enough water to go around. I was just looking at flickr, and there's some streams out in the rockies(I was looking at a stream in idaho) that would be gorgeaus(sp?) if they weren't being sucked dry by irrigation.

    this is another reason why i'm for abortion....and gay rights. lol

    should've put this in the politics section. but I think it's good that people in the general section hear this...what the hell.
  2. I live high in the Rockies and there's a ton of runoff. In fact the river is high right now because of it. Not too worry. I know where you are coming from, I think, and I would say get proactive or try to think about it less often. Do what you can to help out when and where you can. Peace
  3. maybe thats why the government is for abortion and gay rights...
    but damn, if 95% of people die, we wuld miss alot of shit. Our world wuld be like resident evil or something
  4. Yah, I'm sure most people are fine with 95% of the population dieing without them being one of them.

    Overpopulation doesn't really affect me. I can't claim I worry about the matter.
  5. 350 mil? sounds pretty healthy to me. oregon would only have 200 thow, though. india would have 50 people per sq mile.
    there's certain places lwhere lots of extinctions are taking place. madagascar could really use some pop reduction.

    Oh, man. I saw the big hole river in montana in september. It didn't look good, man. I know stuff gets low that time of year,,,but wow. too many farms making hay to give to cows to give people beef. I don't know how a trout could survive in there.

    ya, I've been thinking of getting a degree in public policy and working in 3rd world countries setting up family planning clinics.
  6. I live in Colorado. We went through like ten years of drought. On the 5th of July 2005, my ranch flooded. The rain comes and it goes.

    I think your plan sounds awesome. Help out where you can.

    Our world is ever changing that's for sure. I'm not too sure about much else today, I'm in a great mood! I'm going to think about the positive things, like the people who really care about other people. You have good hearts. :love:
  7. Ya, It'd be nice if people would take a little responsibility an not have so many kids. It honestly makes my cortisol flow when I see some bitch in her suv with five kids. ya, it would suck to be one of them. but, I'd be down to die if I could look down from heaven and see the the world heal itself. I'm really not religious at all, though.

    oh, and you're one of those people I'd like to walk up to and give a real good slap across the face when everything is totally fucked 30 years from now.

    "I'm fine doing fine. What are YOU talllking about? What? are you retarded? you think we're gonna run out of room? Oregon has plenty of trees. DUHHHH."

    I'm not gonna neg rep you because you can't help being uninformed, and I'm glad you posted your opinion. And I encourage people to post who disagree with me.
    I comment above completely contradicted what you said about me. lol

    ya, I realize what you said about the drought. but if there was 5% of the irrigation going on during droughts there wouldn't really be a problem. and people wouldn't have to farm on places not that well suited for farming, and our national forests woudn't have to be used for high density cattle grazing.

    I may have to post some pics/examples.
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    Just posting my opinion bra. Why should I worry about these things when there's plenty of people like you to do it for me? ;) That's actually a lie, I hold the majority opinion, I'm fairly sure most people (in the US at least) don't care about overpopulation either.

    Edit: It's just my new philosophy man. I used to actually give a shit about a lot of things and it got me nowhere, but now I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm just trying to live life how I need to. I'm not trying to worry about much. Stress is a big killer.
  9. your not the first person to come up with this idea, and you honestly think your special enough to be one of the 5%? forced population reduction is never a good idea (Holocaust) because you know that diseas would have to be made in a lab. But if people were to adopt a 1 child policy thats more responsible.......
  10. okay, I hear you.

    these pics don't mean much unless you know what the headwaters of the sycan river would like if there were only 5%-no cows grazing it. these meadows in the headwaters are totally fucked up and turned into a big cowpasture. and those trampled streambanks should have plants surrounding them for a variety of reasons(shade, Hold soil together, prevent erosion, etc).
    sycan's one of the examples in the link.
    And yes, it's all a big web, and if enough ecosystems get fucked up you will eventually be affected in your nice little house in the suburbs with your ac. whether it be food prices, availability of timber(say climate change causes a beetle infestation that kills trees). It's complicated to explain, but ya.

    If there's anything to stress about, you should stress about this. I assume everyone has stress. It makes lots of personal problems seem insignificant.

    I know what you mean though. my dad constantly watches the news. he enjoyed watching it and getting mad at bush or something. watched it religiously. It kind of annoyed me. and there's a bunch of international issues he doesn't know shit about. nevermind....constantly hearing news bout what's going on in dc annoys me.

    I originally started this post to say, "alright. my bad." but it turned into this post.
  11. That's not gonna happen... unless it's government enforced.
  12. shit. I hope I'm not the first person to think about this.

    see my post at 4:49 regarding me not dying and thinking I'm special.
  13. yes that would be awesome and it WILL happen, too. massive population reduction will solve basically every global problem there is.

    it WILL happen in the not too distant future. because 'they' will make it happen.
  14. It will all work itself out when Obama starts WW3 and China gets nuked.
  15. [​IMG]

    well hey, you may be in luck man. i wonder if the people who had that made will stay true to their philosophy.
  16. The only thing we have to wait upon is earth itself.

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