This is either a genious idea or a terrible one

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  1. So i recently bought a new piece, and it features a 29mm downstem. I plan on switching it out with this, Leisure - 18/29 mm 10 Arm Downstem - 5.0" as i know it will fit perfect.

    so the idea i had, is would it be possible to put a 14/18mm downstem INSIDE of the LW 10 arm downstem?

    so it would be:
    Slide --> 14/18mm downstem -> 18/29mm downstem.

    is this possible?
  2. because the downstem it came with is 29mm. and to be honest, its not that great, so i plan on getting the Leisure - 18/29 mm 10 Arm Downstem - 5.0" , cause it fits, and will be of a much higher quality.

    and i was just curious if it would be possible to fit another downstem, possibly the one you linked (Leisure - 14/19 mm - 6 Arm Downstem - 4 1/2") inside of it.

    it would make a sort of double perc, which if it could and did work, i think would be pretty sick

  3. I'm not sure if it would fit or not... I've never seen anyone doing anything like that, but it seems a bit ridiculous to me. Would probably cause a bunch of drag and there's no way to tell if it will fit inside there unless you buy both.

    If it doesn't work.. you can always give me the smaller one for my RooR though :D:wave:
  4. oh man i would be so sad if i bought both and they didnt fit, thus my asking here first haha.

    cause that would be basically a mini 16 arm tree perc.... and that, would be seriously sick.

    my other idea is to get the 10 arm, then buy an ashcather with a removable downstem and replace the downstem with a LW 6 arm downstem.
  5. Confirmed from the source itself.

    Aqualabs just confirmed to me that it IS in fact possible to fit the downstem inside the 18/29mm

    this is going to be EPIC!! i plan on doing a full review soon, i'll be sure to have this in there when i make the review.
  6. your just taking your 18mm hole and reducing it 4 more mm. if you dont think thats not gonna cause drag your wrong, and the leisure downstem is already pretty well diffused. Why not just do a a/c or carbon filter?
  7. Sounds like it wont really do much if anything but add drag. That 14/19 wont make it down to the water unless you have the water level very high, and even then it will only make maybe 1 or 2 bubbles before the water is sucked out of the bottom, which wont come up again until you stop pulling. Watch the water level in a standard downstem, the water never makes its way back up the stem until you stop pulling, so the 6 arms of the inside downstem will be probably more than an inch above any water...
  8. doesnt work. already been tried ben LW. the bubblesonly come out of the second downstem making the one inside of it completely useless.

  9. well of course its possible, i have a luke wilson 29mm downstem 10 arm and ive put another downstem in it... dosnt do much. On the other hand tho luke wilson used to sell 29mm gridded shower head downstems where his 5 arm would fit be inside the showerhead. I wouldnt waist money by buying another downstem on top of the 10 arm. The 10 arm is the best by the way
  10. Be smooth as is already and highly doubt it will work because you need to figure out the size you need for the inside down stem which they only have certain sizes and it could be off.
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    I highly doubt that it would defuse smoke anymore then it already would be.
    (I'm new with useing bongs so please correct me if I'm wrong)
    The point of defusing is to make lots of tiny bubbles instend of less bigger ones..
    Because, then more smoke is directly in contact with water. Thus making it colder.

    Ok, so lets just stay you first rip you are using one downstem, and you make 100 bubbles.

    Just because you put your second down stem in it, there wouldn't be 200 bubbles, The smoke would just go down the first down stem, then become bubbles, and then just keep traveling.
    It wouldn't split your bubbles up even smaller.

    (I'm sorry if this is 100 percent wrong)

    EDIT: This is why inline bongs don't have downstems in them... Because it wouldn't create more bubbles. ( I know weedstars inline has this, but.. They usualy don't)

  12. [ame=]YouTube - Toro Glass 7-13 Hits[/ame]

    you can see this in the video, skip to like 2:10 when he does like a close up, see how the water levels inside the arms all drop down to the water level of the bong when he pulls on it? now imagine your wouldn't make a perc inside the downstem, but that would be cool if someone made an a/c in a slide. i guess it would be kinda like the bowls with built in ashcatchers. i think weed star makes those.
  13. I love that people are actually posting useful, and helpful posts.
    Without being mean, and judgmental.
    Good job guys.
  14. it will not add any more diffusion. the air will pull past the diffuser on the second downstem and only the holes/slits in the first diffuser will fire. i guarantee it. you can waste the dough if you want but you WILL be sorely disappointed:wave:.
  15. im not entirely sure it will work like that electus... a pillar perc is basically the same thing is it not? the water level in the tube will have to be higher because i dont see the 2nd downstem going all the way to the weld at the top of the 10 arm.

    get both of em and try it. if it doesnt work sell the one of em. thinking outside the box like this is what put some of the most reputable glassblowers on the map..

  16. It's already been done by Luke. Called the double d downstem and tbh it was fail. Only one downstem is going to function. It's science. So all you will be doing is adding drag. Just roll with the 29 mm 10 arm and you'll be good to go
  17. That setup will do two things. One, it with add dry diffusion and two, it will add drag. I don't know the benefits of dry diffusion but I don't think it would make much of a difference.

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