this is cool.

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  2. Haha that is cool, but the link you posted doesn't work (cause of the in front)
  3. ah my bad i didnt mean to have it go to that page. ill edit it
  4. thats gnarly, bro.
  5. bump want more people to see this
  6. How do I get this to work on other sites?? Can I blow up GC with it???
  7. ya it works on any site. drag the button to your bookmarks and click it while viewing another page.
  8. ^ it says it on the site, I just pwned GC :smoke:
  9. Did it and its just taking me to a text page
  10. do you know if you may have javascript disabled?
  11. That must be it. I have noscript installed
  12. lol the site stays destroyed unless you refresh it
  13. muahaha, all your rep bars are belong to me now.
  14. Dude, this is awesome.
  15. that was fun. ive never seen anything like it haha

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