This is completely FUCKED!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bong3000, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. yo normally i would just chill...

    but dude

    your fuckin pissed,

    so if there was no effort to chill the situation by the opposing party

    i mean if i was pissed

    i'd say fight

    especially fight if you are a warrior

    and stop at nothing to defeat your opponent

  2. Na, no offense but it's your own fault for being too vague with your story. Maybe you should start over. The main point that needs to be reiterated is right when the glass broke. What exactly did the host say to you, why didn't you want to pick up the glass in the first place, why did it turn into a fight when it's just some broken glass on the floor? These are not judgements, rather questions I pose before I judge.
  3. Nicely put Crystals...but the way he was explaining it seemed that it was mostly his fault this whole situation started.
  4. This thread is going absolutely nowhere....Bong let's just put all this behind us and we can all chill, aiite?
  5. yea lets do that. its just the host shoved me before he knew that i didnt break the pipe. i fell over and hit my head. it sucked.


    ps i got another bad story i got jacked an ounce last night of some dank

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