This is completely FUCKED!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bong3000, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. dude i need to tell the people here about what just happened. i need some advice on some shit that just went down.

    ok so like an hour ago me annd i friend went to this party, and we were smoking herb when i pass it to some dude and he drops the pipe. i was mad but he gave me like $20 for the pipe, even tho it was worth more than that.

    he gave me bak the piecees of the pipe, but i didnt want to clean it uop, cause he borke it, so i put on the ground and the host guy walks up and shoves me, then tells me that i better pick up my mess or he would kick my ass, so i told him to shove that up his ass, because he was being such a fucking asshole. me bro with me backed me up on it, and like 8 guys threw him into the fence, but he did alright, they barely hit him.

    i got his back and we left, andc the guys chased after us, so we stayed and hit them more. they started shit and said they would kill us. we are fuckin way bigger than they are, but they hada ton of people. we walked away back to my house, we got 2 bats, and he went back up, i decided to stay. I called my friends and theyt are going up there right now to fucking kick this kids asses. and the ones that started it were black. i am not racist at ALL, but these guy were nigs, and dont know shit.

    i am just really pumped right now, and i want to know what you guys would do if this was you.

    P.S. sorry about the nigs comment, but i am PISSED right now
  2. well....go see them, and say ..WASSSUP MY NIGGA! ( IN THE CHINESE VOICE )
  3. yo, i'm not racist at all ut these guys were nigs. Fucking cracks me up dude. Hilarious. Come on man talk about a contradictory statement.
  4. Get in a fight with baseball bats over a piece of broken glass....
  5. ^ u're a moron dude....using the word nigger (sorry for educational purposes only) doesn't mean you're usually reffers to black thugs and posers...

    i hate black people who act like that tho....u say something and they start getting pissed and being assholes FOR NO REASON...e.g. "why you tripping son? huh pick yo shit up"
  6. i think its more than that

    BTW, this is one of the reasons i NEVER bring pieces to parties
  7. btw i was reffering to samsonsimson....

    have fun bong! :D
  8. well man def one thing you should do is rush home to your computer to type ont he grass city forums, lol....jk man....well number one, that dude is a mother fucker and should have had more sympathy for your god damm broken piece. Now what u should do to that dude is just fuck it, toke at home with your boys, never hear from the dude again...(the peaceful hippy alternative).....Although if you want to play his game, go to the local Bodega, pick up some Foty Foes (44's). aND caPp THat mothat fucka... biiiATch.

    (DONT REALLY KILL HIM, can i get introuble for saying that?)
  9. I don't even know where to start...first of all, WHAT THE HELL is that supposed to mean, "i am not racist at ALL, but these guy were nigs, and dont know shit." If you weren't racist, you could have described them without their skin color...and now back to the main point. If you were throwing a party, would you want broken glass on your floor? He was doing you all a favor by hosting it, and you return it by kicking his ass...nice. You should have just picked it up and there wouldn't have been a problem. Also, no offense but calling your friends to kick someone's ass for you is kind of pussy.
  10. Damn Bong, the first time I read your story, I was hoping you were gonna get your prick ass kicked. First off, you calling the black people stupid? Look at the ass who started the damn fight. Telling him to shove it up his ass, you should've known that if he said he would kick your ass, that insulting him would result in a confrontation. And I still can't get over that comment, "I'm not racist, but these were nigs," or whatever. I was laughing at first, but then realized that it ain't funny because there are thousands of other ignorant assholes who judge every black person on the street as the same MTV thug bullshit thats crumbling society. After reading your story again, I hope that you just read this thread before you make your next move.

  11. Why don't you get your punk ass back to my house? I just kicked your boys' asses. Don't you EVER break glass in my house again without cleaning it.
  12. ROFL ahahhahaha is that really the guy?

    in any situation/confrontation with pot i always adopt the hippie attitude...
    toking is a happy thing. be happy about it. a simple "no prob" or "alright. thanks for hosting this nice party " when he told you to pick it up would have been a lot less trouble than getting in a fight? eh?
    but im just a nonviolent person. if this guy was such an ass, there was probably some previous occurences which you were also pissed about...
  13. I'm down with the Niggars. Its just those Whettbaks I have a problem with...

    chapelle's show anyone? ;p

  14. bong u are a dick. dont just tell him to shove it up his ass he didnt know i would be pissed of too. and u probably are rascist if it was a white guy you just would of said some guy you wouldnt have called him a white kid or a cracker or something. man u have anger issues with things man what the fuck you need bats to fight for you apparently they got you enough to make you angry enough to go back and try and beat his ass. lmfao thccrystals i hope you did kick his friends ass's if what ur saying is true i would of done the same thing. sorry about what happened at the party crystals hope that didnt ruin your party.
  15. I don't know why you didn't just calmly tell him you didn't break it.

    And honestly, is it that hard to pick up some broken glass, even if you didn't break it?
  16. Yea I was just kidding, I'm very [/sarcastic] in real life and I never really get a chance to show that here. BUT...

    I am still pissed you didn't clean that shit up off my carpet.
  17. it might sound like i was wrong, but i was outside when this happened. they teamed up and tried to beat the shit out of me because they thought that they could get away with it. that fucked up where i come from. and you know there is a difference between black people and niggers. these guys were arrogant and stupid, and they deserved the beating they got afterwards. ooh and i didnt call my friends to beat them up. i was WITH my friend when it happened.
  18. Okay let me get this straight:
    1. A guy breaks your pipe
    2. The guy gives you 20 dollars and hand you the pieces since a lot of people might like to keep their broken pipe
    3. You put the pieces back on the ground (I'm guessing you probably didn't do it in a gentle or friendly way)
    4. The host rightly gets pissed off that you put the pieces that the guy who broke your pipe had the courtesy to pick up and hand to you...back on the ground
    5. You talk shit back to the host whose house you were disrespecting and then your friends throw the host into a fence.
    6. They rightly et pissed off and get more guys to kick your ass
    7. Your friends grab bats
    8. You're a racist fuck
    Seriously who beat you as a kid?

  19. then...what is this?

    I have alot more to say...but I'm just going to leave it here and hope you mature enough to chat here.
  20. you guys werent there, yet you have the thought that you can critize me. go fuck yourself

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