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This is compassion?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Skyjester, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Gotta love legalization, and marketing. Advice to all remaining U.S. states where cannabis is still illegal: do pot smokers a favor and keep it that way. Because here in California, what used to cost me no more than $300/oz before legalization has now been divided into eighths, put into eight tiny glass bottles with pretty labels and large outer boxes, and priced at $55-60 apiece. The exact same top shelf strains are now $480-560/oz as per today's prices at my local medical marijuana dispensaries.

    This is NOT compassion. It's legalized thievery.
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  2. Prohibition prices for legal weed is a rip off.
  3. I knew it. I always thought it would go that way. At least the "criminals" have kept the prices fair and static more or less for the last couple decades. The moment it goes legal it becomes a money machine, and businesses exist to make more and more money off less and less, and govt interests in their profit margins will only keep it that way. I'm actually pro-decriminalisation, I think legalisation is problematic for this, among other reasons.
  4. If you ask them about it, it'll be "we're just trying to make sure we have stock for all our customers" ...yeah at maximum possible margins. Sky - Maybe just go to a dealer then eh? Do they still bother in legal states? That said, you could always consider growing - or have the legal states made that an issue of paid licensing? (this is something I've often thought would happen after a matter of time)
  5. If in Cali, why not grow your own?
    Way cheaper and legal (from what I hear). Don't know for sure though, since I'm not in such a "compassionate" state lol. Hell cbd is barely legal round here.
  6. Damn, thats expensive ! I would think the black market in Cal. should be thriving !
    Here in Texas, weed is MUCH cheaper,and still high quality....but all black market outlaws here...
  7. The scariest part of today's dispensary experience was asking the budtenders if I could simply buy an oz instead of eight horribly overpriced and oxidized eighths, and having them respond like nobody has ever asked them that question before.
  8. Menu - One Love Beach Club
    As low as $15.00 for 3.5g
    Competition keeps driving down prices.

  9. We live in a POA in one of the last but most conservative counties in CA. Growing is not a practical option here for this and other reasons. As for dealers imo it's a band-aid on the problem. As others said price gouging was probably inevitable, public outcry for more regulation of prices, especially for medical cannabis patients is inevitable. What grates me the most is how our state's sickest and terminally ill are the specific targets for this gouging.
  10. I're talking about buying bud though, not aside from a bit of pain reduction, smoking weed aint doing anybody much good.
    What would you say are your main obstacles in considering to grow?
    It honestly seems like this may be a better option to consider in your position.
    That way you can use it recreationally, or make your own tinctures, edibles, oils and the like.
  11. Where the hell are u! West coast I can get some decent loud for $120-150 at dispensary. 100 for good mids. Wax for 20 a g

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    You're invited to read the obstacles:

    Cannabis Ordinances

    If a single neighbor catches a single whiff of your grow, it's over. They require 50 (or 100 in many cases) feet of offset from all property lines. So if you live in an average home in an average size lot, you're excluded altogether from any cultivation rights. And if a neighbor four or five houses down doesn't like what you're doing, even if they can't smell anything, they are one daycare business license away from shutting it down. Etc. This is just the civil law portion of the obstacles. Our POA has a few pages more.

    The claim that smoking weed doesn't do anyone much good makes me cringe because it's absurdly myopic. Smoking produces effects that can't be duplicated by any other ingestion method. It also limits the length of these effects. Edibles and tinctures etc aren't an option for many medical marijuana patients (including me) due to hypertension and other medical issues.
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    Welcome to my county. 20% THC flower is $60/eighth:

    They don't list oz prices, I guess out of embarrassment.

    The above is not to single out this or any individual dispensary, the price gouging is county-wide and largely due to our intentionally backward local policies. Even home delivery is prohibited. At least in the long-term the problem is self-correcting, as counties who join the new century become very wealthy while the few who feel obligated to cling to the last century become increasingly impoverished.

    But credit where it's due, yesterday I saw some very high-end strains from Mendo and elsewhere that I've never seen before in local dispensaries. I walked out with a supermarket-sized bag of large boxes that contained a total of 1/2 oz of bud. Total cost was $240. Even at $480/oz the price wasn't that outrageous for bud of this quality from a dealer.
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  14. It is medicine and toking does a lot more than just pain reduction. In many ways it's better than ingestion.

    Black market is thriving in these legal states and will always continue to do so wherever government attempts to restrict the flow. Everyone should be sure to have a good black market plug in their back pocket for insurance. :ey:
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    Chemicals kill
  16. i'm with compassionate care for MMJ it's been over 5 years and they even gave me a shirt of theirs. but anyway, at the organicann here in cali it can cost 35-55 for an eighth. like purple rain is 55, there is shady which is less

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