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  1. Ok, well, me and my g/f have been having "fights" well, not me and her, but me and her family i would say, because i am atheist, and they are roman catholic. well, her family did a pretty nice job of brainwashing her >_< apparently if she is with me, she will go to hell, at first she didn't know what to believe, considered herself agnostic...but now they have her believing in all of it again, instead of making her own decision.

    now she is saying she has to talk to me tomorrow, i got the gist of what she will be saying though...

    "my family is very religious! they don't like the fact that I'm dating an atheist nor do they like that you don't believe!"

    "if you don't believe we cant be together..."

    sure i can fake it...but thats all, i cant believe in anything that her family is trying to throw at me, and force me to believe to be with their, daughter, neece, granddaughter.

    and she has told me "i don't want you pretending just to be with me, that would upset me even more."

    God damn it, i hate religion....

    i have never, not once, not to ANYONE, tried to force my beliefs on anyone else, why, WHY, must they try and force this shit on me? and why did they have to force it down her throat that she cant be with someone who doesn't have the same religion or have any religious beliefs?

    needed to rant...

    sorry if i somehow pissed anyone else off with this.
  2. Well I myself could never marry an athiest, agnostic, non-believer. It just wouldn't work out.
  3. she was fine with me being atheist, until her whole family (not really her whole family, mom, grandma, and 2 aunts...) started saying how I'm atheist, basically, i am somehow less of a person because i don't believe in what they do.
  4. That really sucks man... My ex was atheist and I didn't understand it but the last thing I thought was that it would send me to hell... I just don't get the church... She was hell enough!

    I hope things work out, but maybe it would be best if you broke up with her. Things like this are a little bit too much investment in a relationship unless you want to marry her. She may be hot though I have no idea, but things like this are bad news.
  5. Far from being pissed about it, I think this is why this forum exists.

    It appears that the Catholic fascination with extortion is still alive and well. You would do well to remember that the catholic church still practices the same techniques they perfected during the inquisitions.

    Sounds like you love her and if you do then it would be a sin in my HUMBLE opinion, to let superficiality stop you from being together. But if she is that small minded now, perhaps you would be best to step back.
  6. i got a lot to think about tonight and tomorrow.
  7. I feel for ya man, that shit is tough... :(
  8. Tell her if she's gonna be Christian, then the Catholic church isn't the one for her. All their doctrine directly contradicts scripture. Period. Here's a prime example:

    According to the Catholic Church, if you do not partake of the Holy Eucherist (sorry my spelling is terrible) -- or Communion, in other words -- then you are on your way to hell. The verse they use to justify this belief is when Jesus was at the last supper and said that whoever eats his body and drinks his blood (speaking of the bread and wine) will have everlasting life, and whoever does not eat of his body or drink of his blood will have eternal death (in hell)... To that, you must merely counter with "What about the thief on the cross? He didn't eat the body or drink the blood, and Jesus outright told him that he'll see him in heaven...

    They may counter with something like "if you're ignorant of it, it's ok, so long as you believe in Jesus -- that's why the thief went to heaven, he was ignorant but still had faith"... An easy response: That's not what the verse says. It says take communion go to heaven, don't take it go to hell... Here's something else you can use:

    Sucks about your situation, man. I hope she'll listen to what you have to say to her...

  9. Get used to this attitude. :(
    Its sad that those miserable people think your less of a person, but then again they are the ones who have torn apart some one elses relationship because they discriminate against other peoples beliefs.

    so really, who sounds like a lesser person here?
  10. My dad and his girlfriend kinda had the same thing happen.

    They made her go crazy and they were together for so long, my dad was close to committing suicide from what I heard.

    GL bro, you need to talk to her before they get in her head.
  11. reminds me of a seinfeld episode where george converts for a girl. he didnt give a crap about any religion, he gave a crap about getting with this girl.

    dont bring the religious topic up in discussion, and if they bring it up tell them you dont want them to tell you what to believe. if all else fails get a gun.

  12. How sad..
  13. Well, I'll say this.

    If she can't see past the fact that you're an atheist, and she'll break up with you just because you're an atheist, maybe you're better off without her.

    I mean, sure, if it's her parent's fault it really doesn't matter. She's an adult, she can think for herself, and if she won't be with you just because of religious beliefs I think you're better off finding someone who will except you.

    Hell, I could be and probably am wrong. But love should trump religion.
  14. My exact thoughts as well...

    My husband's family was very, very upset to 'discover' that I am an atheist - they blamed me for his gradual abandonment of Buddhism. I had absolutely nothing to do with his beliefs or lack thereof, but it was beyond their comprehension that he could have given it up on his own. It has caused some amount of trouble with his family, but none between he and I.

    I would be less worried about her family's reaction, and more worried that she seems to be willing to shift her beliefs to make others happy.
  15. honestly, i cant blame her family. my sister is essentially in the same situation with her boyfriend right now. i know that dating a non-believer is only going to hinder her ability to have a satisfying relationship with God. i just hope she can find someone that can help her grow not only in her herself, but in her christianity as well.

    i can only imagine how difficult of an experience this might be, but you have to see the other side of the coin and know where they're coming from as well.

  16. I was going to write some long response to this comment but..

    1. I think your ignorance speaks for itself


    2. I figure quoting it and posting it again is punishment enough.
  17. i dont think that is enough punishment at all. i would like to hear the long response.

  18. Why, thank you for being so much help!

    it was over sooner than i expected...every time i think something is going to fucking falls apart, i should learn not to attach myself.....the bases for her breaking up with me was because

    "i don't see how you can say you believe one day (when i was a kid, i was told what to believe, since then i formed my own opinions) and then say you don't believe the next"

    and all this crap about church...i hate relationships, they all turn out like shit for me in the end, and i fucking hate religion.


  19. Couldn't have said it better myself. ;)
  20. I'm sorry to hear the outcome, the hurt of a lost love is incomparable to anything. But as the song says, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

    To love is to leave one's heart open for unscheduled surgery, I hope the next girl you meet isn't such a stickler for trivia. Peace brother.

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