this is blubbles on dxm

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. :confused: :rolleyes: :cool: ok well im just going to sit here and forget im typing and see what comes out dont laugh it just dxm thoughts and from what music im lisdting too...

    wow man like life is crazy dude, im going out with this girl and soorry about the grammer i cant go back and change it i will feel wrong or something. but this girl is rweally hiott..but im just not diggin different subject..i am hot i need to take my shiryt off and hit the bowl of that purp im going to get real sad for the next couple of weeks i will be getting clean for a drug test, im so fucked up i wish i had something to take to get hjigher..i want to smoke more bud but i dont have that much, all i have is im saving for a dry day in like 2 weeks and i have to scrounge up some other shit to smoke but im saving up for 2 weeks and ima buy a ouihnce i think..sublime is so fuckin cool..40 0z to go trip out on some game or summin peace out gc ima go do something high hahahahahahaha:hello:
  2. hahaha dude all that shit was just mad random. i just smoked a bowl and im feelin prety cool too. peace
  3. cuz i got high because i got high laaaa dee daaa dee daaa
  4. wow this is crazy i forgot i made this thread..
  5. Keep on rockin' Mr.Bubbles!
  6. hell yeah man hell yeah

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