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  1. OMFG.


    It's still not the most efficient way of growing (needs to be a sphere around a bulb, not a cylinder, but OMFG they're getting there.

    RotoGrow is how I’m going to grow pot in my Space station in 2050 :cool:
  2. ok hold on let me clean off my keyboard cause theres jizz all over it now
  3. lol yeah tell me about it, this thing is pricy though
  4. if you got the money, im sure you could make a killing off of it though

  5. :laughing: Sweet!
  6. im about to invest into pays for it's self and then some in one harvest :eek:
  7. i need to get a loan lol
  8. If you like that you should see this!
    There is also something called the G.I. Grow.
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    Too cool. Looks like something you can make DIY using a fan motor to rotate the cage and gears to step down the speed of the rotation. Maybe even a rotiserie from a barbaque pit. Looking at the lower picture you can see the "teeth" on the outer wheel.


    this is how our grandchildren will grow their plants
  11. all the power to you if you got the money.

    but like the thread says, you're pretty limited on the strain you can grow, and you have to be able to feed it a lot of clones. that and aparently the guy who did it only got around 4lbs.

    you can get 4lbs off of 2000Watts of lights without the roto-grow.

    Here Rumpleforeskin is pulling around 400 grams off of a 400watt light:

    which works out to about 1g/watt, the same as the roto-grow (4lbs for 2Kwatts), and with the 'old fasion' method, you don't have to have an army of clones, and your not tied down to a specific strain (you can modify your grow according to your strain)
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    oh and if you wanted to do a DIY version of this, I would skip the spinning altogether, and arange the plants in a semi-circle in a closet, with a vertical screen.
  13. The spinning lets the plants constantly work towards gravity and turn upright every five minutes forcing gravity to suspend your plants and grow them faster :hello: gravity ftw
  14. looks awesome but looks like a pain in the ass too
  15. :hello:THANKS for posting that.
    SO awesome!
  16. does it just spin them and dunk them in water around a light? PSHHHHH... im going to start making them in my garage for 5k......
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    these haven been around for about 10 years now under many different names ..the first was The Omega Garden.

    bottom line.... too much work..too many plants ( in the 100s) and too expensive ( most start about 3 K for the bare bones unit)

    and that guy, is a friend of the owner of the the company..and those pics are not his ..he didn't even know who grew those buds, he had to be told by another poster ( read the friggen thread not just the pics).... that report is what I would call suspect ...

  18. Meh. It's an unneeded expense, and more trouble than it's worth. There is no magical effect coming from rotating them, so why bother? If anything, you're just fucking with the plant's gravitropic response, possibly hindering root growth. Just pack them in a screen under an aero table if you want to do the whole mega yield thing. Yeah, you can pack more plants in a smaller footprint, so I guess that would work wonderfully if you really wanted to crowd them in. But if you have the square footage to move around in, then there's no real justification. Watt for watt, you're still looking at pretty much equal.
  19. Thank goodness there's some common sense around here. I didn't want to seem like the ass hole.

    Since the title of the thread is 'future of growing', here's some real technology that's the true cutting edge of growing... he's made some recent posts on this forum, but I haven't seen as detailed a DIY as on another forum, so I don't mean to send people away from here, but check this shit out (read his thread on this forum under suckit bucket)

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