this is a weed sprout right? haha

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  1. i hope so, because it's all thats sprouting in my cups!
    it looks different than a lot of the other sprout pictures ive been seing here.

    btw this sprout is 1 week and 1 day old... seems to be growing slow?

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  2. nope, not weed
  3. no, he's right it's not weed. It's some kind of weed. (you know what I mean)

    What did you do, use outside dirt?
  4. looks like there is a second plant of the same kind on the lower right of the first pic lol.

    I'm assuming you planted a marijuana seed and didn't just hope that you could will MJ to grow from the dirt:smoke:

    You can see in the first pic looks to me like some moss and junk on the upper right which would indicate you used soil from the outdoors which could have all kinds of spores and seeds for different things to grow in the right enviroment.
  5. i got the seeds from a friend...
    argh, so im going to buy some WR off HGS then...
  6. the MJ seed if it is one could still be comming but seeing as how you say it's been over a week and that plant is in the center where you would have presumably planted the seed, perhaps not.

    good luck if you do get some either way, but best bet is to get seeds from a reputable supplier that is a correct strain for your growing conditions and experience.

    I'm assuming WR is white russian from HGS seeds, mostly sativa, might be tricky to grow but an awsome strain to smoke. Also a very stinky plant to grow I believe.
  7. some friend
  8. buy some good seeds because those b not weed =[
  9. lol ya sorry homeboy that aint no weed. i hope he did indeed give them to you

  10. that's not weed either :(
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    i got five seed total that sprouting but some like different like one go straight and green the other ones like the root is purple and its not straight up does that mean its not fully sprouted or what im new at this
  12. sorry Blackjack, those are a type of white clover by the looks of it.
  13. I would like to take a moment and point out this whole [deadbumped] thread is hilarious.. :hello:

  14. I agree hahaha
  15. Ha kinda looks like it could be, but the 2 smalller leaves should be like rigid around the edges
  16. And weed wouldnt take a week to sprout that little thing
  17. First set of leaves are round, second set would be serrated (not rigid) around the edges and look very different than the first set. That must be yard dirt or contaminated potting soil. That's why you MUST use brand new, never opened, potting mix. Miracle Grow is good enough for newbies (Pro Mix is better) and is pretty forgiving about pH and such, and best of all it's sterile and won't have any other plant seeds or fungus spores in it! If you're going to try some quality genetics, you should read-up on some grow journals to see what you're in for, not as easy as it looks, no need to waste your money. Lights are the most important part, get five or ten 25 watt CFLs or an HPS would be best. If you don't have lights and potting mix yet, get them FIRST, before you buy seeds. Outdoor light is great, but you would have to wait until Sept. to Nov. (northern hemisphere) or even later before you can harvest buds from your plants. Indoors you can harvest buds in three months start to finish. You need to learn about the light cycles before you start growing. Read-up before you do anything, check out the SCROG (screen of green) method journals, you can get some great weed from just CFLs or regular flourescents.

  18. This is a dead thread from '08 revived by this post:

  19. sorry bro thats not marry jane :(

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