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  1. I read the article and it would appear that they are holding cannabis growers to the same standard as other activities/businesses.
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    Fuck the police.......
    have nothin better else to do than go after pot heads......losers
  3. "Such a violation has not been reported since 1994."

    Be afraid.
  4. I'm not sure that this is a must read for anyone, unless they're interested in seeing money being wasted.  The sky is falling!!!! :laughing:
  5. Lol those nose telescopes are fucking hilarious looking. 
  6. No kidding! Looks kind of like a pig's snout.....
  7. Where does it say they are doing all cam to bust stoners? It'd saying its busting growers over legal smell limit

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  8.  I live in CO, I would assume they do this for house grows. Not average smokers. 
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    You people are fucking retarded and shouldn't be smoking weed. 
    As I posted in TWO other threads (yeah there are three unnecessary threads on this stupid bullshit)... 

    Please make your points without the insulting comments. - patriofarmer
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    Is this only for legal mj businesses in Colorado?
    So, in other states, they aren't going to whip this out?
  11. What would stop them. They see how well it works and they figure let's try it out our selfs.
  12. What a waste of air.
  13. Maybe if they gave a 2,000$ fine to the trash dump i can smell thats a mile from my house...

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  14. I'm calling bullshit on this one.
  15. This is the stupidest shit I've ever read.. Something strapped to their nose to determine if the smell is beyond and acceptable level? lololol what????
  16. not picking on your post, just making a point:
    I listen to music.
    I have dogs.
    I grow things in my garden that have an "odor".
    If I move in next door to you is ok for me to blast my music at 3am, let my dogs bark excessively and grow stuff that you find offensive with no guidelines or limits as to how loud, smelly or obnxious my activities may be to my neighbors?
    I think some are making way too much out of this.
    Just my $.02
  17. The company that developed it was not far from my workplace. It's a real company and a real apperatus, unfortunately.
    They used to recruit for people to come in and "whiff test" things like awful Wall St. chemical scents.
  18. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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    i just cant begin to explain how stupid this is. 

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