this is a mad crazy story. and true.

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  1. lets start by saying i am not a beliver in the Quija board, but my mom is.

    she claims she spoke to my dead grandfather.

    i am skeptic but w what she told me he said makes me belvie it sence there is no way she could make up this shit.

    he told her i was severly depressed to watch out over me type shit. tht all i do is stay home all day in my room depressed talking to him. which i do talk to him alot...

    she is saying he said my music will pay off someday and i will hit it big and tht in 2012 i will have my first kid.

    and all the other details tht she brought up are so private theres no way in this earth tht she could of known bout shit she talked to me bout.
    its mad crazy.

    i mean idk. its just scary and shit. coz i sorta belive it but then i sorta dont.

    sorry this is scrambled but its been a bad day......
  2. theres no way my mom could of known this here in a good example of today.

    she told me i sit in my room depressed talking to him and writing about him.

    there is no way she could of known this. at all.
    it just makes me kinda wierded out. like dam. wtf
  3. lol would have me buggin out. But what music do you play?
  4. dude its ur mom, she prob heard you and notices what you do..
  5. i think saying its impossible for her to kno that is kinda ridiculous. its totally possible that she would notice that ur always in ur room...

    altho i could see why u would wanna believe it since she predicted ud hit it big
  6. so you talk to your dead grandfather?

    what music do you play.
  7. Who knows man? Its possible that she just found a journal of your writings and shes heard you. Its also possible that she talked to your dead grandfather. The world is a mystical place and although im not really believing it, i am not one to dismiss ideas so quickly.
  8. i make rap hip hop beats and i mix people vocals and own my own studio. i dont live with my parents. havnt sence the 90's. so no my mom couldnt hear me talking to him lol. we live miles and miles and miles away.

    honestly its belive what you want. i semi belive it but most of me says its not true. but its just kinda o_O
  9. Well, lets put this together...Shes your mom, she probably knows your depressed that your grandfather died, she knows that your like to write/play music, so she probably assumed you use your music as a way to vent about your grandfather.
  10. somehow moms jsut know everything. i know mine did and id always be like wtf
  11. Politely ask your mom to stop fucking with your head and spying on you.

    Or believe that kid's toys are magical telephones for calling dead people.

    I know which I'd do. :D

    If you go with Option B, go to Toys R Us and get yourself your very own magic death phone, then call your grandfather and tell him to stop telling your mom everything you do. Problem solved. :laughing:
  12. you just talk to your dead grandfather? like do you even get any answers or are you just talking to a wall.
  13. man ouija boards can do some weird shit.
  14. Those boards are just pieces of wood. No magical or supernatural powers at all.

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