this is 40

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Johnny Blazed, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. comes out today looks pretty good
  2. Whats it about?
  3. Look at the previews hard to explain whats it.about. I watched the showing at 12:05 it was pretty funny. But the dine in threather kept fucking up my order/drinks hada tlk to manger first 10 mins. Besides that good movie(not like knocked up or hangover funny"
  4. So its comedy? I'll google it
  5. Yeah its a comedy for older not like for 15-16 year olds

  6. its a sort of sequel to knocked up about pete and debbie(paul rudd and his wife) and their family

    [ame=]This is 40 - RED BAND TRAILER HD (2012) PAUL RUDD, MEGAN FOX MOVIE - MEGATRAILER TV - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Didnt even know that lol. Doesnt have nothing or much from knocked up. The guy from knocked up I seen it it though. so dont base knocked up on seeingtl this(is funny though) but yea best way to say whats it about the family
  8. Haaa hell yeah. Its a must watch.

    I love movies made from other movies. This couple were just supporting characters in Knocked up. Now they got their own movie.
    Paul Rudd is a beast. Role models is one of my favorite movies. And the wife, shes a great actor too. Will definetly watch.
  9. Ohhh okay I see. Didnt c all of it. Yeah this movie was funny as shit. Granted I was tipsy/vaped 5 bags. Its adult humor/comedy if tht makes sense. Id prob see it again with no alchol
  10. Hahaha lol
    Best way to watch a movie. Drunk n stoned.
    But yeah, the couple in it were hilarious in knoked up. Just as secondary characters but imo, they were funnier than the leads. Just my opinion.
  11. Imo of what I remember of knocked up this was better
  12. Dude I didnt think Knocked up was that good either. But I did get laid that night. Thats probably why I remember it being a good night.
  13. I just had a few joints of some unknown strain of ganja and am in this movie right now,it's us pretty funny so far
  14. Now half way through and it's extremely boring
  15. It's a quasi sequel to Knocked Up, that follows Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters. Sorta like a spin off. I got my hands on an academy screener, and it's very funny. It's a bit more mature in theme, and it's definitely not a stoner comedy in the way that Knocked Up was. That's not to say that it wouldn't appeal to stoners, because it is quite funny. Basically, it's very funny, and worth seeing.

    It's adult in theme, but still irreverent.
  16. Best way to describe it. I was way to high to understand alot of it(first time out vape) and thought id be stoner comdey

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