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This high is weird but it doesnt look different or taste or smell different

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Smurferstoner, May 31, 2009.

  1. its some pretendo which is the weed between stress and cronic haha but out here its been getting better closer to cronic and prices are 5 a gram so we usualy do this in the day and cronic for the night and partys but anyways so this bud i got 9 grams for 35$ which was a great deal and stuff but when i smoke it its kinda hard to explain but its just a different high then weed like i get blazed too but its like a dumb high sorta mixed with a lil euphoria sorta feels pretty good

    umm but i wouldnt think its anything because i dont see anything on it no really different smell or look or taste

    no really bad thing happens when i smoke it tho liek i dont get sick or anything and today i smoked 3 and a half joints so far and 3 and a half more im going

    i think it could be laced with raid maybe thats all im really worried about not to scared if its any other drug i have enough

    but when i smoke it im also not like what huh huh huh or like be dumb as if i was huffing the raid but ive never done that so idk what its really like

    thanks :smoke:
  2. i dont see a problem here.. sounds like you got some bud that gets you high.. :D
  3. well yeah im still gonna smoke it either way lol im smoking it now im just saying i dont wanna keep buyin off this guy if its like sprayed with some raid or something lol
  4. dude im fucking stoned (duh) lol and that made NO sense to me! :p
  5. hahahaahha i know thanks for posting though ;] by the time i figure out if this is sprayed with bug spray ill already smoked it all :p

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