This happened last night...

Discussion in 'General' started by Bobsaget332132, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Wow this is messed up....

  2. What's going on here? Somebody get shot?

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  3. yes
  4. bro,, i dont care
  5. It happens all over the world every day. I'm more concerned about what isn't shown to us
  6. I lived in some pretty shitty places in SoCal and it never ceases to blow my fucking mind at the needless violence. Then you get caught up on charges. Then you do a nickel or a dime at some over crowded shithole. Actually giving up years of your life or even its entirety to some dbag who was never worth it in the first place. Fucking stoooopid!

    I know a guy and his son had this thing happen. Him and a friend are apart of some click or another. Law enforcement calls them a gang because of it. The son and a friend hammer the living shit out of some poor asshole who was never a threat to them in any way. Three or four other members of their little group were there. They were showing off. They got caught up on charges and are now felons.

    Life fucking OVER! Shitty job? Check! Shitty money for life? Check! Life thrown completely the fuck away over some ass hat who was never worth it? Fucking CHECK! I even put it to them in pretty much these very terms. They had no answer aside from "you wouldn't understand".... I'm not understanding? Me? Dafuq???

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