this guy is a f-ing idiot! lol

Discussion in 'General' started by bootbud, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Yeah he seems to be. I can’t view the video because I got a damn 56k. but when I went to the site it says freedom values common sense and then under that it says find a girl for sex one night stand Find THOUSANDS of Girls in Your Area Just SEEKING SEX !! Conservatives are so freaking stupid I sometimes can’t believe that they can muster the cerebellum power to breath. I think that’s the cerebellums job but I’m not sure. Anyway natural selection is working to eliminate the republicans. Every tornado season you see them, a trailer park is shredded by a tornado there’s a guy standing there with a Budweiser shirtless saying “uh I didn’t think the tornado was dangerous” or “I survived the last one” Hey I got a tip if you live in a section of the country named tornado alley get a house with a foundation or at least remove the wheels from your house and tie it down.
  2. this link has been posted before. and if you guessed it was lithium that posted it you are right! haha.

    see if that were in MA, they would have taken the joint, written you out a criminal citation and sent you home.

    this is just more proof on why people should smoke less joints and more bowls and bongs. :bongin:
  3. What a burnout. Ha. That cop was being stupid. I mean, arresting him for a joint. Thats fouled up.
  4. Cops are just doing their job. If they let us pot smokers go, they're corrupt, and THEIR jobs are at risk, as much as we put our lives at risk for smoking pot. Leave teh police alone. Never smoke and drive, and always smoke in a safe place.
  5. couldnt agree more!!

    And Woo-hoo 200 posts!
  6. Does anybody watch cops? Ive seen that traffic stop like a milion times. Haha still pretty funny though.
  7. yea, we watch cops all the time at my work when we eat...half the time its pretty entertaining but the other half usually pisses the hell out of me.

    i wish that they would show clips of when the people actually get away, it would be interesting to see the ratio between those busted and those that outrun the cops...

  8. i dont agree
  9. i dont agree with u sorry

    lol that guys not an idiot....hes just too damn stoned and drunk...

    lol mayb the cop shuldnt of arrested him...but i guess he was drivin crazy and has been in trouble b4 for that stuff... i saw this 1 on tv not too long ago on FX
  10. I love how the guy like congratulates the officer for nding it and using all that logic against him... yah he had more than a few beers lol
  11. i agree with you haze. im a veteran, but not a cop. it is fact that close to 75% of the police force in my town are gulf war veterans. when they get home from the war they have all this fearless fired-up energy, so they become cops. but i think half the time they forget we arent radical muslims and they arent in iraq anymore.
  12. hah that sucks for him.
  13. just a guess, but I'd be willing to bet that it wasn't the joint that got him arrested.

  14. lol that was hilarious like i didnt have anything to smoke tonight honestly then he finds the join verry good, very good you know i didnt even know it was there but thats what i would have smoked tonight lol.
  15. hahaahahahahaaaa

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