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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SouthernPride, May 23, 2006.

  1. This forum stirred a thought in my dense skull. I was reading over the threads and noticed all the "bagg seed" growers. I thought to myself, "hell man its been five years since you pulled a seed out of sack to see what it made." So I went and purchased some import, which I never do, and started soaking a few seeds from the sack. I soaked them 24 hours and have now put the seeds in momma earth. I will let you guys and gals know what they do in the future, however I bet they are tall and lanky pure sativa that will never finish here.
  2. im growing with bagseed and theyre looking great 13days old. im hoping they are satvia because i prefer the smoke and the climate here is great for it.

    (also because i want to grow a forrest!)
  3. its like christmas morning everytime you visit your bagseed plants. lol
  4. Bag seed is a great way to grow pot cheap i myself have 8 bag seed plants.
  5. how can't you guys tell indica from sativa, exact strain is a little bit harder but post some pics and mabe i can help.
  6. distinguishing anything is a little bit hard when they're seedlings standing at 3"
  7. Too right. At 3" they all look the same.!!!!!

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