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Discussion in 'General' started by Daft Funk, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I saw i was at 999 posts and decided id make my 1000th post a special one. Since i joined back in 09, i have been watching this forum change. When I joined, i think this Board was like number 240 on the Big Boards list. Now its 135. Thats a huge difference. That shows signs of change. More and more people are becoming educated on the benefits of cannabis and are joining this forum to learn more. I was one of those people.

    There are somethings about the forum that have gotten bad though. Mainly, there seems to be less Love being posted around here. I see a lot of fights going on on here. Instead of having civilized arguments, people just get pissed off and call you a Troll.

    Also, im not a huge fan of the "likes" system. I prefer to give out rep points because it helps that person a lot. Plus i always get more excited when I see I have a notice for a rep point, instead of a like. :D

    So everyone who posts here, will get a rep from me :smoke: (keep in mind, i can only give out so many a day, so ill keep track of who hasnt gotten one.)

  2. Just taking my share...ty

    no jk i was thinking the same's true
  3. It certainly has grown. And GC could do with more love right now. Agree.

    Now, gimme my rep.
  4. I was a lurker when they werent even in the top 1000 on big boards.

  5. FREE REP?!

    *looks around in excitement*

    Nah but forreal. I agree with the whole rep thing. I wish I was in the era of GC without likes. Rep is meaningful kinda, but likes are just kinda "I enjoyed what you said but not enough" kinda thing

  6. Joined in 2010...
    OP said '09 it was 240ish....

    2 ACCOUNTS?!?!

  7. everyone here also gets rep from me

  8. My hipster joke goes unnoticed.


    btw your welcome for the light bar ;)

  9. Lurker, meaning he just looked around the forum without posting. He finally decided it was time to join in 2010.

  10. I noticed.

    you guys got me my first light green rep bar! :yay: REP FOR EVERYONE!


  12. So Indie.

  13. [​IMG]
  14. I enjoy the like system, although some have been known to abuse it. It would be nice if it added a lil points to your rep though. I wish the rep bars were continious as well. Like after they were full, they would then begin to change color one bar at a time. The board has become bigger, but keep in mind all the juvies who clutter it with their nonsense. I came here to get educated on growing, but GC really does have a lot to offer, so Im glad I stuck around. I have a feeling one day I'll catch at least one of my boys on here,...


  15. I already caught my brother on here :smoking:

  16. this. Also, grats to OP on 1k posts :)
  17. Off topic but i just saw this epic photo and I gotta share it

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