This dude is really pissin' me off...

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  1. So I've bought from this guy on a few occasions but the last time I called him he said he had some "good beasters", I get to his place (which is a half hour there and back and a friend took me) and its like some decent mids, earthy smelling weed with a few seeds in it. So I'm pissed, I came for a quarter or half and left with a half eighth. Didn't buy from him for a long time. Now I call him up, and go through his little bullshit game of "yeah we're going sk8 boarding blah blah" cause he won't mention weed on the phone (and this guy is a small timer). I'm about to leave for his place, but I change my mind and decide I've gotta know the quality of what I'm getting before I waste the gas and time to drive all the way to his house. So I call him up and I don't even mention weed, in the little code he insists on using I ask about the "skateboard condition"; he freaks out and hangs up :mad: I mean come on, even if he was a big shot like he thinks he is, if they had his phones tapped he'd probably be fucked anyway, right?

    Sorry if this is a waste of space but I've gotta vent. I don't know how I can't find a good reliable weed dealer when theres so much money to be made.
  2. ha ha I had a dealer do that once.. or at least used to do that, he stopped being sucha fool but for a while he would say "the book fair's open" it was always quality so it didnt matter

  3. thats bullshit! i stopped buyin from a few of my guys cuz they sicked and pinched there bags!
  4. People dont relize code words still dont change anything if the cops are watching you and you use stuff like that they catch on.
  5. best thing to do is have a routine dealer, who knows the amount you want, and of what quality, so you can call and say your stopping by, or just call him to stop by...i hate punk kid dealers, ive gone through them once or twice in a pinch, but im an adult, and i dont play kid games like your dude seems to be...

    my dealers wont beat me, they wont cheat me, they wont ignore me, and those are the dealers you sorry to say, but i would stop going to this kid, and find a mature person...they normally deliver too, atleast look for a decent connect through other friends or friends of friends...

  6. I dont think they can get a warrant though without the actual drug being mentioned.

  7. .. how do you know?

  8. I kind of know a guy similar to that. He doesn't really use codes, just calls it trees, but he is always saying his bud is real good, blah blah and it always turns out to be compressed crap, almost everytime. Once in a blue moon it will be as good as he talks it up, but damn it got old quick hearing it was dank and coming to find it wasn't close

  9. damn right! my current guy is older than me and im 22. seems grown men and women are the only dealers worth a shit. this dude is a little nervous but not annoyingly so and it actually works for me cus he rather just roll up to the block instead of meetin up somewhere. always got quality shit and will drop right by and if he cant at the time he will call me back as soon as he possibly can. hes good people. hope to keep with him for a bit.
  10. What a stupid fucking pussy.

    I get drug deals set up in MSN without using a single codeword or slang term.
  11. exactly, they know what their doing, they are in it as a side business to make extra cash, and are normally really appreciative of their guys only nervous of new people and thats with good reason id say...
  12. Yeah I have a couple dealers like that but not in this town. I moved here a year ago, had one good reliable connect for a while, then he stopped selling and now I'm pretty much shit out of luck. I get some really good bud for free occasionally from someone but he doesn't really sell, just hooks me up with a few grams of funk whenever we cross paths, but that won't work for keepin up with my habit.

    And whoever mentioned the cops catching on to code words, you're right, I've read plenty of court cases where the defendants always used code and it didn't help.

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