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This Dank is bombbbbbb!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NateDaGreat420, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. OMFG i bought an 8th from my buddy and itz called bubble berry i dont know if anyone else has had the pleasure of this shit but its undiscribeable reply back if you have!!!

  2. mmm i think i might ov,is bubbleberry and bubblegum the same type of bud? It got me quite caked outta my head god shit.
  3. im not sure but this bud was seriously dense it took 4 of my budz and me to cakk the bowl we packed in my friends bubbler it went around it came around to me like 3 times !!!
  4. I had some bubblegum in Amsterdam and that shit was the BOMBDIGGITY, I'm not kiddin, I was so completely super surreal high, it was insane. That and the AK47 are my two favorite strands of weed, very very very good, heheh, happy blazing NatedaGreat!
  5. Man, I don't want to hear about your weed. I clicked the thread thinking there would be a picture or SOMETHING worth looking at.
  6. ive had bubbleberry is definately good bud and i would pick up some anytime.........just wait til u had some blueberry..i picked up a gram 3 weeks and packed a few bowls from a steamroller:) ...WOW

  7. pics?
  8. I came across some weed in the summer guy called it "Grape Bubblegum". And i swear to you it tasted like some grape bubble gum. Real odd but sweet taste. Couch lock high like you wouldnt belive. We smoked a blunt of it, Got hit with the munchies so bad and we aient got much money so we jus eatin a couple bowls of cereal n shit, And after my boys like "Shit, Im still fuckin stoned, I never eat and still be high", Im the same way and i was still jus zombied out. Sounds familiar to what your talkin about, Anyone came across this exact strain? Its some killer..

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