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This chick is mad at me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capnfalconpunch, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. There's this girl that I've known for 6-7 years now. She knows that I smoke, and she said that she always wanted to try it. So she brings up some random topic of how she's going to "stop shaving her vag". (thats a fucking quote from her text message) When I'm high I don't want to talk about shit like that. So I say "when I'm blazed I don't want to talk about shaving pubes". I thought was pretty reasonable, because she has talked to me when I've been high before and she didn't care. But she said some shit like "oh I didn't know you were high I'm just gonna go". Is it bad that I'd rather talk about Nietzsche and Sagan than fucking vag shaving?
  2. Just text back on how you're trimming your pubes.

    Maybe she wants to fuck you and is letting you know she razer'd her cooch?
  3. What the fuck?
  4. She does, we have already scheduled to have sex and everything. so, id rather just let her know howd id fuck her pussy out, thats sexier than shaving pubes
  5. bbt man bitches be trippin
  6. haha who the fuck schedules sex...
  7. lol @ scheduling sex
  8. Dude, relax. Not everyone wants to ramble on about the Ubermensch and bullshit like that. You sound like a dick when you say that, IMO
  9. Ok, I'm still pretty high. I'm a dick when I'm high, my actions in this thread do not represent me when I'm sober
  10. It wasn't a schedule as much as it is an agreement
  11. It's cool. I like to talk about that stuff, too. Just with the right person, ya know?
  12. That's the thing, she likes me because I'm "such a deep thinker" or some bullshit like that, and she's really intelligent herself so I thought she would be interested in it. (Really in reality I'm just a stoner who likes to read shit like that because it's trippy as hell)
  13. LOL TS is dumb. That girl wants you so bad, and you just told her nah so she got offended. She assumes you can take a hint lolol.
  14. I should have said something sexier, I agree but still we talk about that shit all of the time, I wanna have a relationship based on something other than sex

  15. Then try to actually talk to her about shit, and maybe know what she likes to do in her free time aside from getting baked.
  16. Who talks about shaving pubes though?
  17. still lol who agrees on sex, it should be like something that just happens man...
  18. i was going to have something to say, then i read the thread and now im just speachless. Like, what. The. Fuck?
  19. Let me check my schedule and see if i can fit sex in between pube shaving and black ops. It is just to much this week, lets do the week after.
  20. Uh, it's probably because she was trying to get sexy with you and you kinda shut her down with that comment. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it could have hurt her feelings or something.

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