This can get u higher

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  1. ok so iim fuckin blazed right now and u wanna know y? cuz i discovered that if u blow ur smoke into a speedway slushie container shit and then inhale that smoke a couple times that it gets u way higher man and if u filled that slushie up and drank it or threw it away and maybe u put some vodka in thwew cuz i did then that leavrd a great taste and a great smell. i got blueberry and mixrf in some apple vodka it awesome and i havent even smoked alot of weed yet seriously lk 4 hits of tis nice dankl
  2. you loook fucked up dude

    im kinda buzzn my self

    rum ncokes
  3. yea dude like i wish i discovered this sooner lk u need o try it! its coole seeing the smoke go into the bottle and get sucked out!
  4. you're flagged for the rest of the night
  5. word..... no word.....
  6. This changes everything!
  7. is that bad?
  8. It's like ghosting, but without all of the pain of oxygen deprivation!
  9. I fukin love it man!
  10. Actually most of the THC is consumed by your lungs making what your doing pretty pointless and time consuming, it's all in your head.
  11. Cannabinoids dude
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    Dude, you sound like a complete fuck wit.
    I don't think you should post when you are this high lol. You sound less intelligent then you probably are. Just saying eh :smoke:

    It keeps him and his friends happy. It also keeps the store happy providing him and his friends who have money to spend, spend it on slurpee cups and beverages so that they can retoke their tokes they toked from their bong to try and have better tokes then the last time they toked.

    All they wanna do is toke, and you know what man?
    I'm thinking it's time for me to have a toke, know what I mean?:smoke:
  13. lol people getting all techincal, just smoke the damn weed :p
  14. yo dawg, i herd you like to retoke your toke so i put a toke in your toke so you can toke while you toke :smoking:
  15. Basically this thread.
  16. inb4morelul
  17. Umm...

  18. I'm supposed to shit before I inhale?
  19. Preserves the smell and the taste of the smoke.

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