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Discussion in 'General' started by FAT TOKES, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. i'm completely out of fucking food today and i'm broke as fuck. i have like $2 and a check for $442 that im cashing tomorrow. i dont know what im going to do today. im starving and all i have is orange juice. i was gonna see if my neighbor could pick me up taco bell on her way home but she doesnt feel good. im not gonna be able to eat all damn day. there is no1 in the town i live in to ask for $ either. i dont have a car to drive and spend $2 and im too stoned and lazy to ride a bike.
  2. You could always not eat for a day? Or you could dine and run, I don't recommend it though.
  3. why not ride your bike and cash your check today? I saw u said your too lazy, but hey, if your hungry.

    or, go to a grocery store and buy some ramen or some frozen burritos. plenty of shit u can get for under $2
  4. yeah man 2 bones will buy alot of ramen! :yummy:
  5. idk it's just a long ass fuckin bike ride lol. i just txt my neighbor so im thinking she may go by taco bell for me!!! fingers crossed....
  6. One can survive weeks without food. As long as you have water you are okay.

  7. well sure but who really wants to go weeks with out food? especially when theyre smoking :smoke:
  8. i dont wanna go 10 mins without food when im smoking.. i get incredible munchies
  9. id say go lookin for squirrels..the munchies must be satisfied bro
  10. I love how your making your problem somebody else's problem, take some responsbility and hop on your bike atleast.

    Or save money for food?

    Hate to sound like a dick, i just "Dislike" people who spend themselves into a rut and then complain about it.
  11. well it sounds you're shit out of luck lol
  12. grill the neighbours cat.....

    as long as you got neighbours with pets,,, you never go without something to eat,,,,

    kill a cat,,, and then hit the next yard and raid the garden for you vegs,,,,:cool:
  13. You had money for bud but cant afford food? oh poor OP
  14. If you aint got money for food you should probably stop smokin for a while...
  15. beans and rice are cheap , like other said top ramen , you got a 99 cent store close to you ?

    you got options they just are not that great

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