This blows.

Discussion in 'General' started by Anthem515, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. It's 9 PM right now and I'm dry. With only 10 bucks.

    Anyone feel for me? :(
  2. nope sorry, got 99 problems, but weed aint 1
  3. no i don't feel for you i've been dry for 8 days. luckily im getting the sweet ganja tommorow. Just here to tell you get weed..before its to late.:(
  4. Not really. Ive been dry for about a month because my dealer rips me off.
  5. i know exactly how you feel..about the dealer not the being dry for a month.

  6. couldnt say it better. plus 10 bucks wont even get you a dub,maybe u can get lucky and get a 15 but 10 bucks will only get u schwag:(
  7. 10 bucks can get me something. My boy says he can get me 2.0 for 5 bucks. It's only mids though, but it still gets me fucked up.
  8. And plus, I wouldn't be dry right now if my fucking plans didn't fall through.
  9. He ripped me of for about $70 if not more. I asked for dro, he gave me brick weed. I got a little over 7 gs for $100. Hes the kind of guy you're scared to accuse of ripping you off
  10. ask around man... $10 can get you anything... and i meant anything....

    I have been in that situation a lot haha.

    Iv gotten 4 grams of great mids, varying amounts of schwag, up to a gram of dank... you just gotta know the right people.

    Even though you may be screwed in this situation, my advice is this:

    even when you are in a secure weed situation, keep askin... because you can always find better deals... and next time your in this situation, youll know exactly what to do.
  11. then hes the type of dealer you dont buy from...if you cant confront him, and hes not a nice guy..then hes hurting the cause of marijuana by associating violence to it...

    as for feeling sorry, if you cant go some time without wanting to smoke, or spend you spend your last 10 bucks on weed, then you gotta get some priorities
  12. Thus why Ive been dry for over a month. That and hes in jail...
  13. Why... he wants to relax, don't hate... we all smoke the fine herb here.

    Let him spend the $10 on weed, he prolly lives with the rents and doesn't have to pay for other shit, lucky bastard :D
  14. Sorta. I was in your same situation, dry, with only $10. Luckily my Brother was sitting next to a dealer when I called him, and got him to sell me $10 worth. It's only swag though.:(
  15. Whatever. I'll be good tomorrow anyway, gonna be picking up :D
  16. i never factor that in (not having to pay for anything due to rents)...i wasnt hattin either, i just figured if your living on your own (not with rents), then that 10 bucks could go alot farther when spent another way...but if with the rents, BURN IT UP
  17. You're absolutely right. I'm living with my dad right now. I'm also out of a job, so getting money is a pain in the ass. I'm 17 by the way, so about the guy talking about getting priorities, I'm still a kid.
  18. Bye :wave:
  19. im dry too man. it aint no thang i guess, since i burned alot last night, and a little bit earlier today. check comes out tommorow though:smoking:

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