This a named strain?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Rduffy123, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. This plant a named strain or what? Just wondering.
  2. no way to know.
  3. its called beasters
  4. Can't tell by a picture dude.
  5. :laughing: Another one of these threads?
  6. Yea you a problem with me asking a fucking question?
  7. I'd say his problem is with peoples blatent lack of research on a given topic.
  8. Pretty much an impossible question.
  9. Well some of you guys seem to be able to tell the different strains just figured id ask. Its not like im asking how to grow when there are 20 stickies at the top saying how.
  10. Naw man we know this is just one of those questions that gets asked all the time. And I have to say I haven't seen anyone name a strain just by looking at it...
  11. I wish I knew though, lol, it looks dank. I think it's a sativa too.

  12. Yeah, that your admitting to being a complete moron by asking:wave:

    There are millions of combinations, and half the "strains" are really just a gimmick made up by dealers, and don't really exist.

    That said, looks like some strait up mex schwag to me:D

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