this a good gaming pc?

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  1. i dumb to computers but im going to build a gaming pc i want to play far cry 3 my budget is low but here is what i found i could afford. intel pentium 4 3.2 1155 moterboard 2gb ddr3 memory the video card is a nvideo gforce 210 i think its called should it work on far cry 3 good without freeze please help im about to go ahead and order it my friend said it would play on high but idk he not pc smart either lol:D
  2. what should i do then is it good enough for windows 8 atleast?
  3. You should rewire the central circuit line to the 564A40 processor.

    This will reroute the control cluster to the keyboard and will allow you to play endless hours of High Definition Far Cry 3! Also you'll be free of viruses while watching porn during your fap breaks.

  4. Yes you could run the Win 8 OS.

    Also, slap your friend for saying you could run it on high.
  5. it can run it on low with a really small resolution like suggest an upgrade if you want to play new games though

    [ame=]Far Cry 3(Geforce210)Gameplay3 - YouTube[/ame]

    thats some gameplay of a 210
  6. Your friend lies. Save up some more money and upgrade.

  7. are you serious if so how would i do it and would i really be able to play hd on games
  8. hes trolling

  9. Haha, didn't mean to get your hopes up, my bad man.

    Thought it was obvious xD
  10. lmao...thats some funny shit. but for real you might be able to play on really low setting
  11. Also, I'm not sure, but I think the Nvidia Geforce 210 only supports up to directx 10 and farcry runs on 9 and 11, so you'd be playing on 9.
  12. my friend said he wold trade his 9800 nvideo for my 210 is it better i know its prob stupid 2 ask mines newer but his number is bigger
  13. now op must be trolling
  14. The 9800 is far better
  15. how is it better though mines newer and would it play farcry 3

  16. no im not for most things the bigger the number the better like ps3 is better then ps2 because 3 is bigger than 2

  17. but why is spiderman the spiderman?

  18. well you are comparing apples to oranges
  19. Dunno why they insist on being dicks, just ignore them. The way it works with these graphics cards is that they release a range, beginning with a single number. The Geforce 210 falls into the range of graphics cards called the geforce 200 range.

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