Third year Buds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Paul Jamtgaard, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. Anyone out there succeded in a third year growth or is there

    such an animal. I've documented to a second year but sadly

    the plant was ripped up and carted off by someone whose

    brain resembled Swiss Cheese or would if I could get my

    hands on em. Anyway any info would be appreciated.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  2. If you mean in terms of regrow...they often tend to stress pretty bad after the second time,,,but that second time can be sometimes better than the first with some strains...

    Depending on strain,and genetic stability,,you could do it for more..

    sucks it got ripped....damn bandits....

    try cloning,,much more effective than a regrow....

  3. To: NdicaBud

    Thanx for the reply.

    So you're saying a third regrow is unstable. Hmm.... Still I'd
    like to see it, three years though of natural cycle, wish I knew of a secure future or University Grant. Damn Cartels and DEA
    frustrate my curiosity.

    Cloning? You're talking about the Lone Lady sprouting a male stem and pollinating herself? A Lone Lady suddenly spouted in the greenhouse and grew to maturity producing some nice buds, so I trimmed and left her to grow. When planting season rolled around I started with a bunch of general seeds, weeded to 7 females and 4 males, pulled the males when they started to produce pollen and bagged them then dusted the Ladies once in awhile before they flowered. Also smoked some male weed, hey don't knock it 'cause it wasn't bad smoke (maybe I was desperate for a smoke but I think I remain clearheaded enough to tell differant states). Anyway the New Ladies reached maturity and gave tremendouse buds about 10 iches long inch and half in diameter sticky and smelled to high heavenand the color was rich green and the smoke was deadly, one lungfull and I coughed up China. The second year Lone Lady produced about the same length bud a bit thicker smelled pleasant and the smoke was mellow and smooth. Both smokes were headbuster highs so I was happy with the mess. I trimmed the Old Lone Lady to try for a third year and trimmed and kept one new lady to go for a second growth thats when they got ripped off. So I decided then to discard my friendly group of aquaintences and go back to work on the road now that a few years have passed I'm ready to give it another shot.
    This time however I need to get some classified proven seeds plus some general street seeds and keep a more accurate journal.

    Hey Thanx for listening.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  4. Cloning? You're talking about the Lone Lady sprouting a male stem and pollinating herself?

    No..that would be self pollenation,aka..hermaphrodite.. take cuttings from the plant,and rooting them...

    I suggest order a quality strain to play with..

  5. To: NdicaBud

    Thanx Again for your input. Yea I know how to root a plant
    but I didn't know that was cloning, however after thinking about it by golly thats what cloning is. Minds a bit rusty and
    musty. Anyhow I looked at 3 seed websites including seedsdirect, looks like pretty exotic stuff, pictures are extrordinary and descriptions of differant oders are enticing.
    I'm assuming that seeds produced from plants grown from
    purchased seeds are yours to experiment with as you will.
    Thanks for lrtting me drain your brain, hope I can return a favor sometime.

    Paul J Jamtgaard

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