Third run in with the cops in one month.....

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  1. In the last month I have had three run ins with cops. In each situation I should have went to jail.

    The First time my friend and I were driving home. We'd both done like 20mg of unmentionables and he had been drinking. His tail lights we're out and he swerved in front of a sheriff and we got pulled over. We had a bowl and 1/8th of krippy. No time to hide so he just jammed it in his pocket. I also had to eat about 3 more unmentionables.
    Apparently I was face to face talking to the cop with white powder from where I had been licking my lips. Every time i've dealt with sheriffs they've been cool. Didn't pat us down just took a quick a look in my buddy's truck (which smelled). Then told us to get home.

    This past Saturday we're heading to a buddy's apartment to burn and my same friend drove. We saw cops pulling out of a call to a bar fight so they came out way behind us. My friend thought it was smart to go 10 over to quickly get into the apartment complex. :)confused_2:)
    Because his tail lights were still out. Car reeks but all the shit is in his locked tool box. These were city K9 units so of course they hit. He slipped the keys to his tool box and i put them in my pocket and I slipped my knife into his glove box. Cops found some shake nugs in his cigarette box but were called to a shooting downtown. They said "You got lucky tonight." I waved and said "Thank You!" then they sped off.

    Tonight we were smoking some extremely loud weed and apparently my friends neighbors called the police while we were burning a blunt in the car. Cop pulls down the street but misses the house goes down the street and starts coming back.

    We run into the house, I threw his bowl in the back part of the toilet and my friends hid their weed respectively. His grandmother let the cops into the house and they take us out to the truck they search us. The most insane part is I didn't realize I had a small bag of bud that had went through the wash so I didn't even know it was there. And when I got patted down they search EVERY pocket BUT the one that unknown bag was in.

    I'm not currently religious but I must have some Guardian angel or my Irish luck was kicking it. But it also makes think.. I also promised I wouldn't let society dictate if I smoked weed. But the way I have been demonized and dehumanized this past month over weed makes me really want to drop out of the ganja struggle. I do have my future to think about. :confused:
  2. uhhhhh

    you lucky mother fucker :O

    iv gotten pretty lucky myself but not even close to you.
  3. You lucky fuck.
  4. If you are more careful then I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as your future goes. You definitely got off lucky a few times and you should take each of those instances as a learning experience and try not to make the same mistakes twice.
  5. I absolutely do, I've found these experiences to be profound and I really think I might quit weed for the foreseeable future. Haven't decided yet...
  6. Your friend sucks at driving
  7. why dont you stop smoking in cars? wait until you get in the house

  8. these are signs you should stop being fucking stupid. you will be arrested in 6 months. pce and love.
  9. I stopped blazing in Cars like 4 or 5 months ago. I haven't had one really sketchy situation since then.
  10. There is a vehicle involved in each one of those situations. Did you make the connection yet? You don't have to give up weed just keep it out of the vehicle you're in. And when you go to pick-up, don't smoke till you go home.
  11. I once got Randomly stopped and detained for armed robbery and the next day I got arrested for possession but they dropped the charges

    So detained one day arrested the next lost 160$ in total of good green :(
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    [quote name='"RememberTheName"']I stopped blazing in Cars like 4 or 5 months ago. I haven't had one really sketchy situation since then.[/quote]

    This. I got busted twice both times involved cars, I don't blaze in cars anymore so much safer. Sure driving and smoking is fun but their not worth the risk
  13. Tell your friend to get his fucking tail lights fixed
  14. Lol. Blaming ganja for your problems with the cops?
    Dont get yourself into shitty situations then you wont be dealing with em.
  15. Dont smoke in cars man. Make the connection.
  16. The only time we blazed en the car was parked in his driveway blocked from view. And said friend has fixed his lights. But I make no excuses, these situations are the result of my foolishness.
  17. keep your shit put away man. if smoking in someones car or what not dont carry anything that they can find such as bowls. just be smart and dont smoke while driving, park somewhere with other cars and smoke then leave and air out the car. just have good prior planning and you can eliminate most trouble.
  18. Automobiles and ganja don't mix man,
    Not that we can't operate under the influence of mj.
    But the pigs always are on th lookout for a pot bust it seems.
    Seems to make their day?
    I personally don't get it but....that's the law as present.
    God was smiling on you OP.

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