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  1. Meditation, fasting, reading spiritual books, spiritual exercises (breath work) are all ways to strengthen one's spiritual life. I have used cannabis for "revealing one's mind to one self" as Marley put it. It shows me what I need to work on and allows me to come face to face with my mind. Any other thought on the third eye and how to strengthen it?
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  2. Honestly weed is a weak psychedelic. You might want to consider expanding your horizons for drug induced spiritual "discovery." There's plenty of completely natural and harmless (no one has ever died from, like weed) sources. Also, for the third eye, stay the fuck away for fluoride products. They'll calcify your Pineal Gland (third eye).
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  3. no, that's an alex jones conspiracy theory. but I know of entheogens
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  4. There's plenty of evidence. I don't even know "Alex Jones."
  5. Arthur Kleps, Timothy Leary and company had some pretty good insight on how to take a short cut to revealing the mind and spirit to oneself.

    PS "psyche-delic"="mind-revealing"

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  6. leary had great insight. psychedelic manual is great
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  7. Don't forget diet and detox plays a big role. Its much easier to tap-in when the body and mind is clean. This link contains a good amount of information covering all aspects around the subject.
    Awakening and Opening the Third Eye | Gaia

    Think of the body as an instrument. If its dirty and rusty its not going to be very clear and probably be out of tune, unable to perform the melody. If its clean and tuned the melody can be harmonious once again.
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  8. been around in many religions yet most people in this culture don't speak of it. I guess its dangerous to dream in a society of staring blankly into a tv set
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  9. Or at a computer screen... :rolleyes:
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  10. Tv is more dangerous because it simulates reality and the viewer actually shuts down a part of the brain and responds as if taking a drug
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    True.. plus on computer you are able to choose what you feed your subconscious mind and follow alternative news made by people around the world for the truth instead of the news that is controlled and manipulated by those who own and for their own benefit and protection.

    There is so much stuff that is false on TV these days. They only show what they want you to see but if you go behind the scenes you will see full length videos and what really was said and going on.

    So many of them terrorist attacks, evil putin videos and so on are all bullshit and paid for to make Putin who is actually a good guy that is balanced leader and trying to help while US make the world hate muslims and call them terrorists. They only show the side they want you to see. So they train you who to hate and to judge and conditions the mind to become a fear-based negatively charged zombie. I rather Read Books and stick to my own form of research and news.
    For example:

    Now that millions are moving on from TV and waking up even this is happening.

    This video explains a lot, Now i understand all the online trolls :D
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  12. Don't turn the computer screen into a TV...

    Could be dangerous for the mentally myopic, simulating reality and all...
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  13. right, but tv just sedates the user. computer is not much better, but tv is worse overall
  14. I've been told by spiritual people's that my brow Chakra is my most active Chakra. While it's true in my day to day life, seldom have I experienced any "expansion" or what i call "feelings" in the area...That being said, because it is linked to your whole energy system it is naive to work on one Chakra extensively while omitting the others. I have found the path your energy system needs is not what you think, afterall you are dealing with your subconscious/karmic tendencies.

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  15. Whats about laptop or LCD?
  16. Same for screens/smartphones/laptops. They all have dangerous flickers and blu-light emitting technology that does more harm than good to the important parts of the brain.

    Now on a psychological level its much better because you are choosing what you feed your mind instead of letting the TV program the mind for you but at the same time unless your devices are flicker-free and low or no-bluelight its still doing harm overtime. Notice when you stay away from electronics for a while how much better you feel and sleep and all your dreams become alive and vivid again.

    The hemispheres are more balanced and less stressed when you connect more with nature and less with technology.
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  17. I'm sure Hitler have fluoride to the Jews for their teeth too. That crap is poison and makes people more agreeable

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