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  1. Hi... As the title implies, I'm thinking of starting an ebay business. Can anybody here with experience with this type of stuff help me out? What would you recommend I sell? I'm looking for something that's easy to sell but has can make me a decent amount of profit?

    Are there sites where you can buy stuff cheaper and resell them higher? I was thinking of selling yu-gi-oh cards because you can buy the huge boxes and sell the packs individually for a good profit. I could be wrong though.

    Also, how much money should I expect to make from a simple business? Thanks in advance GC.
  2. You came on much money you could make from selling yu-gi-oh cards on.....eBay?

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    Bro. Hustle is hustle.

    <--Bonafied Internet Hustla

    Things Required:
    Lots of Time

    Go about it like this man..see if your niche is profitable and is worth it (at least a decent amount of demand)

    #1 - I suggest you register an LLC for limited liability protection just in case of fraudulent chargebacks and asshole customers but for the most part if you're planning to make it big on ebay, you'll become a power seller with 99.x%+ positive feedback. Another option is just to run the business in your full name as a sole proprietorship with personal liability (it's what I did for a while).

    #2 - Find a wholesale source where you can buy the packs of cards in bulk which is where you'll save the most money.

    #3 - Figure out your numbers and see how much of an ROI you can get. Check for trends on yugioh cards and see what packs will yield you the most profit. Always diversify what you sell and make sure you're not getting skimped by listing at too low of a price (costing too many auction fees, less net profit).

    #4 - Register a domain and name your store (or Doing Business As). You can go to and register a .com/net/org for ~$8/year with free GoDaddy economy web hosting.

    #5 - Buy a decent shopping cart script if you're inexperienced and have them install it for you. If you're experienced with HTML/FTP/PHP/PERL/MySQL then just find a free open source shopping cart like

    #6 - Install the script, post your products, keep it updated, intertwine and advertise your website on your About Me page on eBay so you get repeat customers and more feedback.

    #7 - Market, market, market. If you want to spend for traffic then use pay-per-click services like Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture, MSN AdCenter. Use little to no money then go to yu-gi-oh forums and become a "guru" in that forum and have your signature reppin' your product. This works very well for viral/social/organic traffic.

    #8 - Build a list!! It's a cash cow..have them sign up for your mailing list and mail out every so often a newsletter, update, coupons, discounts, whatever, offer incentives, shit like that. Marketing motha fucka! (Of course this is all while you're blasting eBay with yu-gi-oh card auctions, haha)
  4. I do it as a hobby and probably make 2 to 3 grand extra a year.

    There's a HUGE flea market near me in Rogers Ohio. I go out the every other week and look around for stuff that is worth money and the owners are unaware of what they have.

    Most recently i came across a man selling a set of golf clubs for $5.00, After i looked i saw that they were a complete set of Mizuno irons and woods, just never been cleaned. The set retailed for $699.00, the final bid i got on eBay was $295.50. Not bad for a $5 investment and cleaning them up.

    There's other examples i could give but point is you got to know the worth of shit and what people want.
  5. my friends grandparents do that...his grandpa goes out to markets and old and new shops and finds things that dont look like much but he gets a good buck for on ebay.
  6. Thanks for all the help. I think I'm gonna get a part time job and start this when I save a reasonable amount of money. Hopefully I can get a job though its fuckin next to impossible to get a job right now without knowing someone.
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    had me laughing so hard haa :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: +rep
  8. If I were you I'd start my own web site and sell shit on there. Ebay has to many fees.

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