Thinking of selling my iPod Touch..

Discussion in 'General' started by Brahski, May 23, 2010.

  1. And buying a Zune Touch, does anyone have one?

    I have an 8g 2nd Gen iPod touch which is jailbroken, is it worth it to get a zune touch? I just need some more damn memory for all this music.
  2. i got a free one, where u live ;P
  3. Buffalo, N.Y.

    Why do you ask?
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    no no no no. This is a terrible idea. Are you into technology at all? have you looked into jailbreaking? Your device is capable of some pretty awesome things if you're willing to put in a little time researching, you might learn a thing or two about software. But I guess if that doesn't interest you, they're pretty popular and you could get some good money if you're just wanting a music device. I've done a ton of work on idevices, from script editing to application writing, the versatility of the hardware, let alone the thousands upon thousands of 3rd party applications, make it worth keeping. You just need to learn how unlock it's potential.

    edit: nvm just saw in your original post that it's jailbroken, my suggestion would be just switch your music often, 8GB wont hold your whole library but it is quite a bit. When I got my iphone 8gb I got rid of my ipod and just consolidated, nothing but my fav music.
  5. I've been watching vids and it did turn me down a little, I might sell this and just get a 16g touch.

    Yeah mines jailbroken and I use it for the free apps, what else could I do with it? Enlighten me.
  6. what does 'jailbroken' mean?
  7. Man go splurge and get 32GB. Then you can load it with all the music you ever get and all the free podcasts and videos you'll ever want, for as long as you have it. I got my 16 GB 3GS last july when I had like...6-8GB of music. Since then I have gotten into trance which is full of free podcasts of music, and I've run out of room. It's always nice to have free space and not have to decide what to put on and leave out.
  8. It's basically hacking your iPod Touch (or iPhone, but no other iPods) so that you can have access to things that you're not supposed to be able to. You can install third party apps and do all sorts of things with it that you can't do if you don't jailbreak it. I'm pretty sure jailbreaking it voids the warranty though, so it's fairly risky.
  9. Also lets you use pirated apps so you don't have to buy them through the app store.
  10. ill take the touch off your hands for a reasonable price...hit me on aim/pm if you decide to part ways with it

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