thinking of going DAM

Discussion in 'General' started by freshoftheboat, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. thinking of going Amsterdam to try some new strains and to get away for a few days... anyone know some good places?
  2. Amsterdam no longer sells marijuana to foreign travelers. You have to be a resident to get into the cafes.
  3. ORLY? ^^ that blows dick.

  4. literally not going now..
  5. Isn't it as of the end of this year when that comes into effect?
  6. yeah i just checked i can still go :)

    only £250 including flights, hotel the lot
  7. Nahh BS, that ban is only proposed, not in effect, and probably will be repealed. I was in Amsterdam at the end of June and definitely visited alot of coffeeshops :)

    I recommend finding a hostel- the one we stayed at was Euphemia, 28 euros a night, and in a great location. There's coffeeshops and hostels all over the center of the city, and you can stay and smoke anywhere. Some ones I liked were Mellow Yellow, then there's of course the bulldog and the grey cafe (? grey something), and my favorite was a small one called the old amsterdam coffee shop.

    Best place in the world :)
  8. A girl I work with came back from Amsterdam 2 weeks ago and she was able to buy all the weed she wanted and she looks very American so it would be obvious she was a foreigner. She said they were chill about it and she even bought things stronger than weed that they sell there
  9. does anyone know a good shop to get seeds from??

    im looking for a wine tasting of marijuana!
  10. dman.. when you headin out bruh?

    im needin to get away myself.

    or perhaps stay there!
  11. Probably will go out there on Monday for 3 nights.. Not sure about boat plane etc yet
  12. sounds crackin bruh.

    have fun with the vacation and enjoy your stay.
  13. Sensi seeds!! If you're up for it you can try some magic truffles...aka shrooms grown underground. It was pretty sweet.

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