Thinking of getting a ~$150 bong

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  1. I was looking around for a bong to buy, 'cause my parents said they'll get me one for Christmas (stoner parents own), and I was thinking of getting this one link.

    This will be my first semi-expensive bong, I have a little $16 dollar one, so I don't know too much to look for, but I picked that one because of the bomb-ass spiral percolator and plus it looks pretty sexay.

    But the reason I'm posting is to see if anyone can suggest a better bong for around the same price, it'd be appreciated greatly.
  2. Spiral percolators are hard to draw on, you would be better off with a tree perc.
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    Don't get that those coil percs add a shit ton of drag and don't diffuse that well.
    HVY 9mm Beaker 160 on AquaLabsTech
    HVY 9mm Straight tube

    This last one is from grasscity
    Messias Illusion Single Percolator - 29.2...120$
    And you could add this four arm downstem for 25
  4. Ehle straight tube 107$

    Syn straight tube 90$

    HVY mini beaker 55$

    RooR straight tube 90$

    Headford Glass inline bubbler 140$

    BLack leaf double chamber precooler 45$

    Molino clear mad scientist pre-cooler 35$

    Molino Pre-cooler 1 piece 36$

    Molino Hurricane 2 piece pre-cooler 46$

    hope it helps :hello:
  5. id go with the syn straight and a worked alex k downstem so sexy!:D
  6. I'm going to be honest, Blaze and similar products suck.

    If it wasn't hand blown with quality glass, don't spend $150 on it.

    Those bongs come from a factory made with China glass. What's this mean? Not as strong. Thin (weak) and thick (strong) spots are all around these bongs. Bad joints and designs. Lots of drag. The bowl/slide sucks and I can go on.

    I spent $150 for a China bong to last 3 weeks - the first incident I dropped the ash catcher from a few inches above it and it landed on the joint. Instantly breaking the joint in multiple pieces as they stretched the glass so thin in that area it was useless. How come the "thick" bong broke before the thin ash catcher anyway? I wouldn't waste my time again (and I've had a few other China bongs break on us).

    If you're only spending $50 on glass Chinese will serve the purpose until it breaks (even being careful). For $150 order from a quality online shop like ATL, EDIT, Headglass, Chicokush etc

    I would avoid percs altogether as I'm not a fan unless you are spending much more money.
  7. I agree with this. At $150 range I would stick with single chamber
  8. What's the downside of percolators on this price range?
  9. read eazydoes' post
  10. I bought a perc and wish I never did. There is SO MUCH DRAG. No matter how hard I try, I can barely barely clear the chamber. :p

    Great thread though, guys. :) Thanks for the breakdown on the prices, Mr. O. Makes me want to buy a bong, even though I just dropped $170 a few weeks ago on a hands-free vaporizer. :|

    TL;DR: Don't buy a perc IMO.
  11. I agree with Eazy, i would go with a nice thick single chamber tube, at this price range the only percs you will find are China percs.

    If i were you i would buy the 9mm Straight or Beaker posted above, but they might be a little smaller then you're looking for.
  12. Yeah I would pay to remove a perc from a China bong, never mind have it added. Mine also added major drag when clearing, plus it collected resin making it worse and hard to clean.

    A good perc should be worth at least $100 alone before it goes near a bong! They are a piece that needs to be designed properly. If it doesn't stack enough bubbles why have it? It needs to allow air flow or no point. It needs to be all hand made and tested for function & strength before marketed.

    China companies profit off it because people see it and think it looks cool (especially when they add colors) so spend extra money on it.
  13. This is a great idea. I'm gonna attempt to REMOVE the percolator from my bong. :| Wish me luck!
  14. You need to get an EHLE 500ml with ice notches, an ehle diffuser, and the ehle carbon adapter from EDIT. Don't forget to get 2 glass gauzes and some 17mm metal screens. Smooth and RIPS!!!
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    whats up with people buying expensive ass pieces. i could not see myself buying a bong that is over a hundred dollars. its glass its going to break eventually. i seen my drunkin dad drop 2 glass bowls before my very eyes. i got my bong for 20 dollars. that because my friend is a thief so he steals shit and sells it cheap. the most id spend on a bong is 50 dollars. i hit 20 dollar bongs and 120 dollar bongs and i didnt get any higher. but in my eyes 150 dollars to me is a quarter of dank and a ounce of regs. ( 100 1/4 50 O) or even 3 ounces of regs all depends. if i was in you shoes id look for a decent priced bong at you local headshop then buy a fat bag so you can break it in.:bongin: lmao i was even iffy about buy that bong for 20 dollars cause to me thats weed money but i realized i was getting a good deals so i bought it. its a no name brand but it keeps up with the best of them.;) i just realized that this thread is kinda old so most likely you have that 150 dollar bong, but whatever its your money. you could wipe your ass with it and theres not a damn thing i can do haha. im one broke mofo
  16. a syn, ECU hat and cheerwine? wouldnt be from NC would ya :p

    I feel bad for people without cheerwine/sundrop

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