Thinking of booting out my roommate

Discussion in 'General' started by g0pher, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Now i been friends with this dude for like 2 years, when i moved from my previous place he asked if he could stay with me for a while until he got himself grounded and shit (we're pretty tight, he got kicked out of his sister's place for smoking pot near the kid) but that was fuckin 3 moths months ago.

    The dude still dont work, he aint even looking for one which pisses me off, he eats most of my food and leaves the bathtub filthy after he takes a splash, he sometimes ashes on the floor when im away and leaves the blunt ends all over the place. im paying all the rent and am feeling like a little bitch right now for tolerating this bullshit.

    Now before this all starts sounding fucking gay my chick thinks i should boot him the fuck out cos he's just living off me. The thing is he doesnt know anyone here so i know he'll sleep on the street if i boot him out, i honestly think its inevitable, do yall think this is the right choice?
  2. Tell him to get his act in gear.
    If he doesn't start immediately looking for a job then kick him out.
  3. Yup, tell him he has to look for a job every day, or hes out by this date. Or say "while im paying rent, I want these things done" and make a list of the things you mentioned above of what not to do.
    If you do boot him out, he will find someone else to mooch off of.
  4. There's no reason for you to put up with that. I wouldn't just kick him out, although you'd be justified if you did, and I wouldn't blame you. But, if he's a friend, I think the kind thing to do would be to give him a set time frame in which to get out. Don't give him too long, I think a month is a reasonable time.

    If you want to be really nice about it, you could have a talk with him (if you haven't already) and give him a chance to change before kicking him out. Personally, I have no patience or desire to babysit a roommate.
  5. the answer is to talk and let him know how you feel

    if he doesnt sort himself out and at least make an effort to tidy around or get a job then kick him out

    but if it's affecting your relationship with the g/f then it's better to get rid straight away
  6. just tell him to be respectful while living in your house, and if he fucks shit up to fix it. then tell him to look for a job or else you'll be forced to kick him out
  7. I talked to him sternly about it like a month ago, even got into a fight and shit over it when he said im whining like his sister , then he cleaned up his act for like the first week, but then went back to his old shit again afterwards.

    im not one to preaching to a grown ass man for stupid shit over and over again. Ill give him 1 week and then the fucker's out.
  8. I don't understand why a grown man needs to be told to get a job and clean up after themselves. :confused:
  9. Your "friend" should possess the common sense to get a job. I wouldn't tolerate being told I was "whining" when I confronted him about it either. It is the winter months so I'd give him a week then the boot.​

  10. Dude tell me about it
    The fact that he's not looking just pisses me off. He buys the paper, acts like he's looking but never calls or goes for interviews. I think he's found himself a nice free place with plenty of food booze and weed. At no cost to his living budget
  11. kick the fucker out.
  12. id be like GAWN

  13. Its mid summer here, so its pretty warm outside lol :eek:
  14. Damn, tell him to go pitch a tent somewhere.
  15. if hes truly your boy id give him a second chance. tell him that he only has like 2 or 3 weeks to get a job. tell him you want to see him goin and fillin out applications . how long has he been living there so far?
  16. I would highly recommend cutting the weed off. Who would want to look at help-wanted ads let alone call for a job while stoned......Anyway, best of luck to you.
    Be cool.

  17. Nice... Couldnt of said it better myself

    And @420 - its been 3 months dude, now going for 4
  18. give him a time span as to which he MUST get a job. if he doesnt get one within that time kick his ass out. he's obviously not trying to hard or else he'd have a job by now. tell him you can't afford it anymore. you bust your ass to have your own place and have food etc and if he wants to continue staying ther ehe needs to contribute as well.

  19. Do not just boot him out. First talk and give him some rules. Plus tell him he has like 30-60 days to get a job and start paying rent. If he still pulls some bullshit or does not get a job...........
  20. He is living there for free?

    You should just tell him to come up with some rent money.

    Just say you need the cash, and if he doesnt you already got another roommate hooked up who will pay. Even if you dont just tell him you do so he takes it serious.

    The ashes and him being a pig in general is your bad because you didnt say anything. But make him pay some cash man.

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