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Discussion in 'General' started by KatanaMan, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So Im looking at a bunch of law schools and its all mostly bullshit. 30,000 a year to read a bunch of books which is why I am against copyright laws.

    Now then, since I'm planning a marijuana business if AB - 390 passes, I think i need to study up on criminal law, specifically drug laws. I was wondering what do you need to STUDY when becoming a lawyer? I know that you have to first study court proceedings, then law. Other than that, I'm drawing a blank.

    Also, if anyone here is a california lawyer, mind giving me the titles of the books you have to read?
  2. i wouldnt father is a lawyer and hates it

    90 percent of it is paperwork, and research, 8 percent is practicing your words, 2 percent is actual courtroom work

    TV glamourizes the job..prepared to eventually have to wear glasses if you already dont
  3. Not to mention, all lawyers goto hell.
  4. Actually, I meant my original post to say that I wish to study up on criminal law and the justice system to protect myself from the federal government.
  5. Oh, then welcome to the internet.

    Google is that way. ->
  6. Law school is surprisingly important because it teaches you a different way of thinking about things. Years 1 is the most important, year 2 is moderately important, and year 3 is kind of a waste of time. For example, Bill Clinton readily admits he didn't show up for his 3rd year, and instead just studied friends notes and took the tests-- but he also has a genius IQ and was running a statewide political campaign at the time, so your mileage may vary.

    The internships are also essential.

    If you're unwilling to grind out law school you have 0 chance of becoming a lawyer. If you want to open a business, get an MBA.

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