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  1. so i was a heavy smoker for a few years, i was like permabaked, blazin dawn till dusk everyday for the better part of 3 years.. i recently realized that it just wasn't that fun anymore, i had tried cutting back and shit but now ive decided im better off just quitting.

    anyways, i dont know if this is in the right forum, but my problem is this.. lately i've been feeling really apathetic about things.. i dont know why, im feeling better since i quit and things are finally looking up for me, i finally found a decent job that i dont hate, i just got a new girlfriend and i love her a lot but now i find that i just dont care about so much stuff. my place is a mess but i don't feel like cleaning it, ive been an asshole to people just for the sake of pissing them off, i spend money carelessly, i just dont know where im going with my life.

    mentally, i've noticed that my mind is never racing with thoughts anymore like it used to be. i've caught myself many times thinking about absolutely NOTHING. it's almost a struggle to find something to think about, this shit used to flow naturally through my mind and now i feel frustrated because i find myself drawing a blank, just not knowing what to say to people in certain situations not even caring what they have to say. i know i should say something but i can't think of anything to say. at home i spend most of my time sitting around playing drums or eating, i try to write like i used to but i cant think of a topic, i cant find a way to formulate real thoughts anymore, it feels like everything i say or think is just a regurgitation of some previous experience or memory.

    sorry if this is hard to read, it's so frustrating i can barely find a way to explain how i feel.
  2. Maybe you should start smoking weed again. It gets fun again after youve been on break for a while.
  3. i'd say do some excercise you don't have to comit yourself just go to a gym and do something once or twice a week. Listen to music rent out dvds whatever just give yourself something to concentrate on. Apathy is a state of mind it isn't at all physical so set yourself a goal and force yourself to achieve it. The more often you do this the easier it becomes until you don't have to force yourself anymore.

    If you do start on the bud again don't smoke it all day everyday keep it to evenings etc.

    Good luck

  4. I don't agree with this advice. I think with marijuana you'd just be running away from your problems.

    I'm no doctor but i'm guessing that you're suffering from depression. I was heavily depressed for a couple of years when I was younger and I still think I feel some after effects. When I was depressed my attitude was pretty much "fuck this" to almost everything and I just started doing things half assed (on a good day).

    Even years later I still feel these effects. While i'm a very happy guy, I struggle a lot of the time to get motivated about anything. It was frustrating for awhile because I had a lot of trouble finding what I liked, and it was difficult when people would ask things like "what are you interested in?" because I couldn't really respond.

    Nowadays I think I do a much better job motivating myself. I've started to drink coffee to give me the energy boost and to start the day off on the right foot. I exercise regularly, which I had stopped doing when I was depressed and afterwards. I've found out that I like using my hands a lot so I like to tackle a lot of projects that require electrical wiring, woodworking or anything of that sort. When I have multiple things to do, I write out a checklist which helps me from being overwhelemed and lets me tackle everything step by step.

    Hopefully some of the things I do will help you out too. Good luck.
  5. Hiya,
    I've been sober for 5 years, not becos i want to, but simply where i come from, i am banned...
    So i know one thing!!! You will reverse back to your sober self after not smoking for a long time, you body just ain't comfortable at the start, but it will with time.. But you won't really forget how it's like smoking weed though.
    If you want to live a more balanced life, then try this, when your mind get's blank again, forget about it, just go where you want to go, do something you enjoy, like some hobby or something. That would get you back on track.
    You don't have to dunk yourself in weed everyday, the feeling ain't really that great. By abstaining for quite awhile, when you get back to the weed again, you will get really stoned!!! Smoking everyday just gets your body adapted to it, and the effect becomes mild!!!
    I believe if i were to smoke it again after so long, the feeling would be heaven!!! but too bad, ain't wanna go to jail at all!!!
  6. wow frosted this sounds alot like the same shit im dealing with now mainly lack of motavation i am going to try these things you listed and get my ass in gear once and for all :hello::hello::hello:
  7. maaan i know exactly what you mean when you talk about not being able to find anything to think about, i used to be able to think of an image or object and be able to associate it with so many different thoughts and things that i would end up thinkin about something completely different than wot i started with, i dont know if you know wot i mean, lemme give u an example.

    Starting Thought: My PC, i would then link many thoughts together from this starting point i.e my pc - need new gfx card - sale on at pc world, hackney - mite also get new shoes while im there - want to get k swiss shoes- also buy a new hat while im there - want to get nike hat- need to take back nike trainers i bought- they had a hole in them due to football - mite play football later 2day - mite go nock for friend.

    obviously this is the only way i could explain something thats almost impossible to explain, but whereas i used to be able to do this so easily, since i been smokin weed i cant do it anymore, i just sit there with a completely empty brain with no thought i dont like it man, altho when i quit before for around 1 month i did start going back to normal, then just started smokin again...

    its always the same way u go thru the 'omg i never realised how much bunnin affected me' stage then you gradually return to ure normal self, good luck quittin man.
  8. I can still think up a storm. And I smoke almost everyday.
  9. I wish I could help you with that man, but I kind of suffer from the same thing. I used to draw a lot, and enjoyed it. When I started smoking though, drawing became the most amazing activity ever. Now I can only draw when I'm high, the rest of the time it just doesn't seem that worthwhile.
  10. man, it also seems like my thoughts are so much more distant now, almost as if when i think rather than being at the fore front of my brain i can only see my thoughts through a kind of 'foggy screen' like i cant fully and clearly think of things like i used to be able to, luckily tho when i quit i return to 'normal' within around a week or two, cant wait to quit then start again after exams, bring it on!
  11. Dont mean to sound like ive been there-done that, but maybe its because you havent done anything BUT smoke. Ive gone through phases like that, although not years, but you do kind of let go of stuff. And ide imagine that after years of doing it, you kinda forget about what you used to do, how you made time worthwhile. Now since you stopped smoking, theres this giant gap of nothing waiting to be filled, except youve done it for so long you just dont have anything to fill it with. Hang with friends and family a bit more, find what you like to do again, get a band together. I play drums too
  12. I think people lose their motivation to think when they smoke weed. Weed in my eyes, can either make or break you. From what ive noticed, I cant ever think of the right word to say, or I cant think of the right way to explain myself. I know theres a good way to say what im trying to say...but I cant get it out. I have a lack of attention, i used to be able to read, draw, and listen to I cant. However, weed gets me thinking philisophically. It makes me think about shit that you dont think about when your driving over to your buddys. you know. like, it gets me thinking about...for example : Ill be driving over to my buddys, Ill smoke a joint on the way, Ill wanna stop and get something to drink, ill go to a gas station and get something to drink, and when i get out, and get back into my car, ill look at the drink and say to myself " why am I buying this?? " , ciggs would be a better example haha. Ill buy ciggs and straight up analyze the situation. Ill start thinking about society, and how its become the norm to be a slave. And by be a slave, i mean, You go to work, you get your paycheck, they take taxes out, your taxes go to military weaponry and other stuff. ( guns, ammo, fatigues...war ), they take out money from your paycheck, to pay for a war, that didnt need to be started in the first place, thats in the wrong fucking country for christs sake...for oil. THEN, after they take over a country ( and we all know thats what the U.S did, they did the same thing to russia...just putting other countries in check ) , They take over the oil in that country, and we all know thats what bush did, we run those oil rigs now....and the prices of GAS go up....its used to buy 2 ounces at a time for 600 bucks...and you would sell them and make 800 bucks....but now you just stole your dealers crop and all his lights and your producing the same weed..except your selling it for 75 bucks an eighth now. Its rediculous. see...i totally forgot what this whole post was about and started bitching about the war in iraq...PRIME EXAMPLE PEOPLE!!
  13. i don't feel like i don't think when i'm stoned. i'm mind is in constant motion, bouncing around a bunch of different topics in my mind.

    i like to read stoned, but it has to be a good book. if it's a good book, i get a really great almost movie going on in my head, and i'll like snap back to reality and i'll be sitting holding the book, but for the time that i was reading, i was in the book. such an incredible feeling. the longest i've done this was like 20-30 pages. the movie is so vivid, the only thing i never see is the people's faces, for some reason my mind just won't make up a face.
  14. I know what your sayin..haha. books are fuckin cool stoned, that is, if you can concentrate...sometimes i cant.

  15. I know exactly what you mean, except i tend to it sober too. Weed just lets me do it without realizing it.
  16. As much as i love this wonderful plant im always buying little bits of, i have to admit that too much of anything is not good, i wouldnt care if we led nice n care free lives, no jobs, no money, no troubles, but in this life we live, smoking can easily become too much and can distract you from the important things in life. everything in moderation, and a short break here n there helps too.
  17. Well i had a similair experience i have not smoked in over a year and before then I had smoked everyday 6 times a day at least. Now I smoke once or twice a month at the most. I dont smoke unless all in my life is good. Job, Girlfreind, School, Responsibilties. The only way to do it in my eyes now. When i have problems i hit them on a sober mind.

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