Thinking is like reading your own mind

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  1. 'Thinking is like reading your own mine' ...
  2. But what is thinking but the narration of our minds inner workings? What is the mind itself? How can you think about the thing you think with?
  3. Seems like you're doing right now.
  4. I'm not saying it can't be done, but asking how it is done!? It's like looking at yourself without a mirror
  5. Meditation can provide a lot of introspection into your mind. That's pretty close to thinking about what you use to think about things. I think.
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    So when you are reading something in your head, and you hear yourself reading that, how can you hear it? if your not speaking it audibly, then how can your ears listen, because it sure sounds like sounds when i think. Is that what this thread is all about?

    Maybe its your spirit that can hear your brain, but then what hears your spirit? :0
  7. Cool, now stop reading and start mining.
  8. Lol deep, man
  9. Whoops. Mind*
  10. You guys are tripping me the fuck out .. Stop scary

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