Thinking about trying extacy.

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  1. So i have been thinking about trying E but i am not sure, I don't really know anything about E besides that it makes you very very happy haha

    So like is it possible to have a bad trip?
    How dangerous is E compared to weed or alcohol?
    What are your experiences like?
    Side effects?
    Can you act sober easily if you are rolling?

    Any other info will help. If i try E it will not be until probably next summer but i like to do some research and know what i am getting into.
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    And my experience was 1, it makes you very very happy. You will smile constantly. Things feel AMAZING. I got a massage while rolling once, and it literally felt like my back was orgasming. It was my first time (and only time, until tomorrow) rolling. It was very very enjoyable, and the only drugs I've done before is Alcohol and Weed... I wont even do shrooms because I'm too afraid.

    I guess it's possible to have a bad "trip" but I sincerely doubt it.. it's not really like that.. it's pretty chill...

    more dangerous than weed, less dangerous than alcohol.. you can't be addicted to it because you build up a tolerance very quickly if you were to try that..and it's been propagandasized almost as much as weed. They can't even prove that MDMA damages/destroys serotonin. It was legal up until the early 80's man, they use to use it for psychology purposes, because you're very truthful when you're on it. So people would take MDMA and just talk to their psychiatrist. It was recommended for placement in scheduel 3 of illicit drugs but the DEA ignored the supreme court and made it scheduel 1.

    side effects? like negative? I got a migraine pretty bad on the come down and vomited once, and after i vomited once (i hadn't eaten ALL DAY and didn't eat much the previous day) so all that was in my stomach was MDMA goodness.. which I think made me vomit...but I felt GREAT after vomiting, I fell asleep and woke up feeling amazing.

    You seem sober when rolling, to me it was almost like being really really high, but you're very lucid and clearheaded. Your pupils will be MASSIVE though. When you're rolling you're super super confident and shit.. you won't even be worried. Oh..And you will be very honest about everything.. when I was on E I didn't want to tell a lie.

    read. gain knowledge.
  3. I wouldn't try doing any sober activities while rolling, especially for your first time. Do not drive and do not go for a walk unless there is a very unlikely chance you'll happen upon some people. You'll love talking with people, and you'll shed your ego so you'll be able to talk about most anything. The problem isn't that you'd be too high to talk to someone in a gas station or something, it's the fact you'll be sweaty, antsy, and your eyes will be super dilated.

    Your heart will beat faster, you'll gain tons of energy. You'll simply want to talk and be around other people. I also find that your reactions speed up as well. You'll want to get up and do stuff and be active. You'll get a body high, usually all over. Your skin will be more sensitive but in a way that is intense and feels good. Hugging and squeezing others will feel incredibly good.

    I recall when I was by some sprinklers on the ground one night and some droplets got on my arm. I rubbed them into the hairs on my arms and it felt amazingly good. Things like this will be constant, and more intense depending on how much you take. You more you take, the greater the energy and intensity. Moving around and being active actually makes the ecstasy work better so if your lying around it won't have as great of an effect if you were dancing, walking or generally just "up and at it". You will be up for quite awhile, perhaps the rest of next day if depending on how much you take.

    The ill effects I found were few, for me at least. You'll probably feel it after it has worn off. A sort of "lackluster" feeling because a lot of the serotonin (all the "feel good receptors") has been used. Your body will also be lacking in some vitamins and minerals. This is why I always drink 2 vitamin waters and eat a good breakfast/lunch after I do ecstasy or any type of drug. Doing this helps you regenerate the essential nutrients in your body.

    The biggest side effect of ecstasy isn't the trip itself but the after effects that get you. Don't worry though, one time won't totally fuck up your body. It just takes time for your body to get back all the serotonin and nutrients.

    Drink water when you feel thirsty and sometimes when you don't. Don't focus on "drinking water constantly" because that can make you sick and it can actually be bad for you. Just remember to keep hydrated and be smart about it and you will be totally ok.

    Enjoy your trip and let us know how it went!!!
  4. Learning how to spell it correctly might be a first step.
  5. true story, if you can't spell, don't do it.:eek:
    marijuana is different tho..took me a while to get that silent J:hello:
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    It is very possible to have a bad trip on E. I took 2 very good pills a while ago and my friend killed my roll and put me into a bad mood for the whole night even though the pills had MDMA (G's up Hoes Down) I wasn't very happy to say the least.

    E is more dangerous than weed because weed doesn't affect anything in your brain in the way that E does. E (MDMA) empties out all of your serotonin which is the chemical in your body that makes you feel good, which is why people tend to be depressed the next day after taking a lot of E one day or feel horrible on the comedown. I wouldn't say it is much more dangerous than alcohol because alcohol shuts down parts of your brain and makes your lethargic and sloppy while E seems to stimulate you.

    My experiences are complete euphoria, and you are absolutely open about talking about anything and everything. If you are rolling with someone else you will be talking about things that you never imagined you would be talking about if you were sober. You will also love the people around you and basically anything that they do will not make you pissed unless it is physical harm.

    Side effects would be: Depression, Headaches, Bad Mood, Dialated pupils (not a side effect but a lot of people do not like this), Jaw Clenching, Fist Clenching, Eye Wiggles (which are the shit).

    Yes, it is very easy to act sober on E, except your pupils will be like saucers in the middle of your eye. When talking to people who might not want you rolling it will not appear that you are rolling, you will just be in a really good, talkative mood.

    Have fun if you decide to try it and make sure you do it in a very social setting. I know I'm going to be having fun tonight with my beautiful little pills!

    EDIT: "An article published in the Lancet found it to be less of a threat in terms of addiction and physical harm than tobacco and alcohol."

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