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thinking about starting a head shop

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thorarkin, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. so me and a buddy are thinking about starting a head shop most likely in indiana/michigan and im trying to get all the specifics such as what liscenses we will need, good places to order products, laws, or anything i cant think of right now. ill be looking up some of this stuff on my own, but there might be someone who can find something faster, better, or something i didnt think about.

    so far all i know of is me and him. he is a good crafter(including wood, glass, and i think metal) and can make a piece out of anything(hes been known as magiver), so he is plans on selling things he makes too. and i come up with some good ideas for pieces too, and know how to make a piece out of anything, but not as good at making it, so with us together we can pretty much make anything we want.

    who knows, if we actually get it going i kinda want to get a website going where we can turn your dream piece into a reality
    :D hope to hear from some people soon :D
  2. Sounds like a good idea, but dont rush into it, make sure you're prepared.
    I know a few people who tried something similar and ended up blowing it because one of them got busted for smoking in the back room... lol.
  3. Creating custom pieces for customers sounds kickass man, you should go for it!
  4. im definately not rushing into it. its something he told me he wanted to and we both need to raise a bit of money for it. both of us are just about 20 so we havent been an adult for super long, but its an idea that wed both love if we can get it going. especially when marijuana becomes legal. but till then its just for tobacco and other legal smokes ;)
  5. also some of my ideas i just thought of this morning so havent talked to him about it, but i think hed be down for it, such as the customs. ill keep you guys posted if it ever gets started

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